Saskatoon History Review is published annually by the Saskatoon Heritage Society. 

Each issue is full of fascinating articles and photographs of Saskatoon’s past.

Saskatoon History Review No. 31 was released August 2021!

In this issue, Saskatoon Heritage Society President, Peggy Sarjeant, pays tribute to the Society’s founding President, longtime heritage advocate and previous editor of the ”Review”, Donald C. Kerr. Ryan Walker, Professor of Geography and Planning at the University of Saskatchewan, provides a walk through the unique and varied landscape of the Peggy McKercher Conservation Area. Former Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan Reference Archivist, Bonnie Dahl, details the history of the Provincial Archives’ recently closed Saskatoon office. Local historian William P. Delainey used the recollections of early Saskatoon pioneer Robert W. Caswell to trace Saskatoon land deals during the “boomtime” era. Nutana Historian Dianne Wilson discusses her quest to identify the 1883 Charles Garrison House. Finally, City of Saskatoon Archivist, Jeff O’Brien, delights with the fascinating history of Factoria, the failed “Magic City.” 

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Jones, Tim 60 Saskatoon Centuries #1/1980 2003-10 5 figs; 1 table Prehistoric Saskatoon; Tipperary Creek; archaeology; medicine wheel
Dallas, Zoé The Clinkskill Home #1/1980 2011-12 4 figs Spadina & 19th Street; James Clinkskill; 1904
Hayden, Michael Where the 20’s Didn’t Roar — The University of Saskatchewan, 1920-1930 #1/1980 13-21 6 figs College of Agriculture; student life; female students; white supremacy
Lough, Lisa Dahlie          
Duerkop, John Along the Trails to Saskatoon #1/1980 22-24 2 figs 1883 beginnings of trail to Moose Jaw; Moose Woods to Batoche; railway; Bone Trail
Taylor, Georgina Sophia Dixon: “Progressive Always — Indifferent Never” #1/1980 25-31 5 figs UFC – United Farmers of Canada; CCF, 1940s Saskatoon
Heath, Terrence Ernest Lindner as Teacher #2/1981-2 2003-11 15 figs 1931-35 evening art classes; 1931-62 high school teacher; Saturday night radio broadcasts
Harris, Julie Lots for Sale — Saskatoon, 1890-1905 #2/1981-2 12-15 6 figs; 1 map 1890 and first railroad – CPR, survey
Kerr, Don Modernization of the Italian Renaissance Style #2/1981-2 16-17 1 fig T. Eaton being built 1928, 21st Street & 4th Avenue; downtown
Taft, Michael A Brief Tour of the Capitol Theatre #2/1981-2 18-23 5 figs memories of Capitol theatre; stage; cinema; food; mice and birds
Regehr, T.D. Mennonites in Saskatoon — Some Early Occurrences #2/1981-2 24-32 4 figs; 2 tables Settlement history; Rev. Thiessen; Friesen – Braun trial; domestic servants; church
Hanson, Stan The Administration Building #3/1985 2004-07 5 figs University of Saskatchewan; 1913 opening; greystone
Kerr, Donald The Avalon Building (Thompson Chambers) #3/1985 2008-10 3 figs 1912; 2nd Avenue & 23rd Street; commercial office building
Schacherl, Eva The Bowerman House #3/1985 11-14   1328 Avenue K South; officially summer house; 1907-23 Dr. Alan Bowerman; Sanatorium grounds; 1925-32 Dr. Boughton; fire 1940-41
Lepp, Wilbur A Study of Saskatoon’s First Church #3/1985 15-19 5 figs Early worship 1893; Eastlake Avenue & 10th Street; Methodist church named Grace Church; new structure 1910; last building 1929; 1949 tower
Silversides, Brock Saskatoon Architects 1905-1920 #3/1985 20-36 8 figs Cordery; Griffiths; La Chance; Thompson, Daniel & Colthurst; Thompson & Crockart; Storey & Van Egmond; Webster; O’Learys & Delay; Brown & Vallance; Bugenhagen & Turnbull; Martin; Morrison
Stalasinyj, Kathy Legacy of Faith: St. John’s Anglican Cathedral #4/1989 2001-05 6 figs + cover Early English Gothic style; 1917-17; extensions 1951, 1961; tennis courts
McPherson, Arlean The Saskatoon Public Library 1913 to 1965 #4/1989 6-15 12 figs Library board 1912; 1913-23 rented basement; building 3rd Avenue & 21st Street; 1928-65 new building 4th Avenue & 23rd Street; 1956 addition to main building; history of branches and development
Zeman, Brenda Three Sisters: The Indefatigable Rowles Sisters of Saskatoon #4/1989 16-29 11 figs Winnie Rowles; Jessie Caldwell; Edith Simpson
Duerkop, John D. Where Did Riel Sleep? #4/1989 29   S.S. Northcote; May 1885; Harry Trounce
Bliss, Jacqueline C. Saskatoon Club: The British Tradition #4/1989 30-33 3 figs Saskatoon Board of Trade 1908; rented rooms; 1909-12 MacBeth Black; 1912 on 21st Street; 1979 addition
Duerkop, John D. The Four Other Saskatoons (The Ones That Used To Float) #4/1989 34-40 4 figs Two Great Lakes vessels 1910-66; 1914 – Saskatchewan river vessel; 1940-48 Royal Canadian Navy corvette
Sarjeant, William A.S. John Diefenbaker and His Saskatoon Residences #4/1989 40-41 1 fig 411 – 9th Street East; 107 Albert Avenue
Munkacsi, Istvan A Retrospect of the Hungarian Community in Saskatoon #5/1990 2001-11 6 figs; 2 tables 1949-90; 1954 Hungarian Society; 1956 immigration; Hungarian Hall 1947 construction
Hall, Jacqueline J. St. Mark’s Anglican Church, 19039-1989 #5/1990 12-14 4 figs 8th Avenue & Osborne Street; stable; 1911-1939; country church style
McPherson, Arlean The Nutana Cemetery #5/1990 15-31 12 figs 1884-1904; early settlers; Nutana Cemetery Company; funerals
Millar, Ruth Historical High-Jinks: The Spirited Side of Saskatoon Social History #5/1990 32-34 7 figs Photo essay; 1887-1930; entertainment; picnics; Sons of Jove
Duerkop, John D. A Remarkable Pioneer Family: The Widow Clark and Her Children #5/1990 35-41 7 figs 1884; Moose Jaw Trail; Temperance Colony; Trounce; Marr; early life in Saskatoon; fencing problems
Sarjeant, A. Margaret On Broadway in the Dirty Thirties #5/1990 42-45 3 figs 1883 Temperance Colony; oldest commercial district; market area for Dundurn/Moose Woods; 1932 Broadway Bridge; renting above businesses
Girgulis, Cleo Greek Immigrants in Saskatoon #6/1991 1-13 13 figs; 1 map Immigration 1920s and later; restaurants; Ahepa Hall 1946; celebrations; education; religion
Millar, Ruth “Photo by Charmbury”: A Positive Image #6/1991 14-21 14 figs + cover Photo essay; from PA in 1900 to Saskatoon 1918; Charmbury Collection Local History Room, Saskatoon Public Library
Hall, Jacqueline J. A Jewellery Store in Saskatoon: Henry Birks and Sons Ltd. #6/1991 22-25 5 figs Montreal 1879; Saskatoon 1925; built 3rd Avenue and 21st Street store in 1928-29
Duerkop, John D. From the Hub of the Universe to the Pioneer West: Allan Newcombe and the Bostonia Colony #6/1991 26-35 8 figs 1906, 41 homesteaders; camped at Pleasant Hill; Bostonian Well Company 1907; 118-9th Street E; Saskatoon Philharmonic Society 1909
Dietz, Alexander Waphaska: The Early History of the Whitecap Band #6/1991 36-45 7 figs; 2 maps + cover 1876 Dakota Minnesota uprising; negotiations with Canadian government for land; farming; casual employment; Riel Rebellion
Wayman, Easton &          
Sarjeant, William A.S. Saskatoon’s Trolley Buses 1948-1974: Gone and Almost Forgotten #7/1992 1-13 17 figs; 1 map + cover 1913 street car; first trolley + diesel 1946; 1974 end of trolleys; 1951 end of street cars
Champ, Joan E. Sutherland: The Early Years, 1909-1914 #7/1992 14-20 7 figs Early land speculation; CPR station; 1905 railway bridge; 1913 Forest Nursery Station; connect to Saskatoon street car system
Hall, Jacqueline J. Vimy Memorial Band Stand, Kiwanis Park #7/1992 21-24 3 figs Commemorate 1915 battle WWI; 1936-37 built by Kiwanis Club; 1987 renovation
Cushon, Janice D. &          
Dietz, Linda F. Big Crooks Hit the Small Town; or, Plan Your Escape Before Your Heist #7/1992 25-34 18 figs September 1951; Royal Bank of Canada 813 Broadway Avenue; Marion Graham’s vehicle; attempt to escape at University of Saskatchewan
Millar, Ruth Sensitivity and Vision: Social History Through the Lens of Helen Schrader #7/1992 35-39 12 figs Photo essay; came to Saskatoon 1907; family, city and Borden-area farm pictures.
Bremner, Muriel V. From Flour and Feed to Hobbies and Shoes: The History of a Broadway Store #7/1992 40-45 4 figs Frank Holmes; 724 Broadway; 1907 hardware, food, staples; 1920s telephone, grocer, hardware; changes include billiards, shoes; 726 Broadway bought
Sarjeant, William A.S. A Saskatoon Historian: Sally Potter Clubb, 1917-1992 #8/1993 2001-04 2 figs. Guide to Historic Buildings in Saskatoon; Normal School 1935; list of publications
Champ, Joan Remembering Montgomery: A History of Montgomery Place, 1945-1956 #8/1993 5-16 9 figs; 1 plan Veterans’ Land Act 1944; 1945 land purchase and infrastructure; 1949 Montgomery Place Ratepayers Assoc.
Morrison, Frances 55 Years on Broadway: Memories of Harrington’s Jewelry Store #8/1993 17-21 5 figs 1912-67; Farnam Block 1912-17; 624 Broadway – fire 1917; Argue Block 1917-67 628 Broadway; 1979 demolished
Hanson, Stanley D. &          
Kerr, Donald C. Saskatoon and the Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1938-1940 #8/1993 22-27 4 figs Pacifism; Carlyle King/Cleo Mowers; WWII
Werle, Penny Growing Up in Downtown Saskatooon #8/1993 28-33 10 figs + cover Crest Craft 311-22nd Street E; Kinsmen Park; 40s & 50s downtown stores
Sarjeant, A. Margaret Three Million Trees a Year: The Forgotten History of Saskatoon’s Forestry Farm Park and Zoo #8/1993 34-41 6 figs; 1 plan Sutherland 1915; tree distribution to prairie farms; 320 acres; 1965 Nursery Station closed; 1930s shelter belts; 147 million trees 1913-63
Millar, Ruth Errata #8/1993 4   Errata to article published #7/1992, pp. 35-39; Helen Schrader
Bremner, Muriel V. Errata #8/1993 4   Errata to article published #7/1992, pp. 40-45; 724/726 Broadway
Dietz, Linda F. From ‘Best Patched Pants’ to ‘Arabia’ the Human Horse: A Social History of the Saskatoon Exhibition (1886-1913) #9/1994 1-20 11 figs + cover 1886 Central Saskatchewan Agricultural Society; 1911 incorporation The Saskatoon Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition Assoc. Ltd.; 1886-1902 – Louise grounds; 1903-8 – City Park; 1909 dedicated space bought; exhibits both rural and urban; entertainment
Millar, Ruth &          
Kagis, Aina “Keepers of the Hearth”: Domestic Scenes from Saskatchewan History in the Local History Room Photographic Collection #9/1994 21-25 9 figs Ralph Dill; Peter McKenzie; picnics; interiors; field work
Sarjeant, William A.S. An English Poet Visits Saskatoon #9/1994 26-30 1 fig Alfred Noyes; 1924
Gustafson, Glenn Richard St. Barbe Baker: Man of the Trees #9/1994 31-35 6 figs Influenced by Barr Colonists; one of first University of Saskatchewan students; 1910; WWI study forestry at Cambridge; 1924 Bahai faith; travelled to Kenya, Nigeria, Sahara, New Zealand, Gobi Desert, India
Duerkop, John The Vital Link: Saskatoon’s Traffic Bridge #9/1994 36-45 6 figs Built 1905-7; 1908 crash; Short Hill; Long Hill; street cars – accident 1922; drainage problems and quick sand
Robinson, Ruth Dedication #10/1995 1 1 fig Commemoration issue of two world wars
Gustafson, Glenn Remember Me — The War Memorials of Saskatoon #10/1995 2002-07 12 figs + cover University; downtown; Kiwanis Park
Dietz, Linda F. Patriotism and Subdued Pleasures: A Social History of the Saskatoon Exhibition from 1914 to 1919 #10/1995 8-18 7 figs; 3 appendices Role of military in Exhibition; entertainment; parades; exhibits; races; food
Hanson, Stan &          
Kerr, Donald The University of Saskatchewan in Two World Wars #10/1995 19-27 8 figs Contrasting attitudes between students and faculty; 196th Battalion; veterans
McPherson, Robert M. Of Armouries and Unicorns I Sing: Army and Naval Installations in Saskatoon #10/1995 18-34 4 figs Clinkskill property purchased 1911 by federal government; 1914 armory on 3rd Avenue & Spadina; HMS Unicorn 378 – 1st Avenue North
Clark-Daoudi, Leslie &          
Duerkop, John Cadets on the South Saskatchewan River: A History of the Shepley Island Camp #10/1995 35 -45 9 figs; 2 maps; 1 plan; 2 appendices Naval cadets; 2-week training; boating; swimming; clothes washing; military parades, shooting
Millar, Ruth Far from the Bombs: Scenes of the War Years in Saskatoon #10/1995 46-52 14 figs Photo essay; WWII recruiting; training; war effort; posters; RCAF
Sarjeant, A. Margaret To Saskatchewan for Love: The Story of Saskatoon’s World War II Brides #10/1995 53-59 5 figs Immigration; October 1944-April 1946; children; YWCA; IODE; Overseas Wives Club
Kerr, Donald Saskatoon Remembered, by Writers Who Left Town #10/1995 60-67 6 figs J.B. ‘Hamish’ McGeachy; Max Braithwaite; John Prebble; Farley Mowat; Norman Levine; Joanne McLelland Glass
Dietz, Linda F. &          
Olekson, Shirlee Memories of Summers Past: The 110th Anniversary of the Saskatoon Exhibition #11/1996 1-24 81 figs + cover Photo essay; posters; agricultural, commercial and domestic exhibits; racing; baseball; grandstand; midway; parades; Indian Village; farm camp; concessions
Makahonuk, Glen Out of Work: The Unemployment Crisis of 1913-1915 in Saskatoon #11/1996 25-34 4 figs; 2 tables 1912 Boom effects; Salvation Army; seasonal employment; political and labour actions
Gustafson, Glenn Eyes above the Ground: Gargoyles, Grotesques and Carvings on Saskatoon Buildings #11/1996 35-38 14 figs St. John’s Cathedral; Bessborough; College Building, University of Saskatchewan; Chubb Block; Odd Fellows Temple
Klaassen, Tonja Gunvaldsen Breath #11/1996 39 1 fig Poem; Ethel Catherwood, Saskatoon Lily
Duerkop, John Our “Marine Service”: The Saskatoon Ferry 1883-1907 #11/1996 40-56 9 figs; 1 map Chief Whitecap; ferry mechanics; 1884-85 Andy LaPlante ferryman; Riel Rebellion; 1886 John Stewart ferryman; Temperance Colony
Millar, Ruth &          
Jaremko, Ron &          
Kovalenko, George Dear Old Facades with Storeys to Tell: A Visual Roundup of Some of Saskatoon’s Vintage Buildings #11/1996 57-75 23 figs Photo essay; Caswell School; Avenue Building; Cambridge Court; St. Paul’s Cathedral; Hanson/Hollywood Building; National Trust Folk Building; Pendygrasse House; Royal Bank Building; Sommerfeld Block; Victoria School; Centrall Chambers; McKay Block; Roxy; Broadway Theatre; Synagogue; Dowding Building; Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral; Connaught/Blain/Herman Block; Kempthorne Block; Little Chief Service Station; Eaton’s Mail Order Warehouse; Webb Block; Municipal Justice Building; Wilson Block
Bocking, Douglas &          
Thiessen, Walter Lloyd Whitfield Rodwell (1927-1996) #12/1997 2001-03 1 fig Saskatchewan Archives Board; local history of Saskatoon; Gustin House; music teacher
Gerald &          
Gladys Rose “if Rose Cleaned it — It’s C-L-E-A-N” #12/1997 4-14 13 figs Arthur Rose 1913; Depression; war years
Makahonuk, Glen The One Big Union in Saskatoon: A Case Study of Revolutionary Unionism, 1919-1922 #12/1997 15-27 5 figs One Big Union OBU; Labour Party; Industrial Worker of the World; 1918 postal strike; 1919 general strike
Millar, Ruth “Little haciendas on the prairie”: Spanish Architectural Motifs in Certain Saskatoon Structures #12/1997 28-36 8 figs + cover Capitol Theatre; Charmbury/Spinks home; Little Chief Service Station; OK Economy store; JH Early Motor Co.; McGavin’s; Park Funeral Chapel
Duerkop, John Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Afloat #12/1997 37-42 5 figs HMCS Saskatoon; update from SHR #4/1989, pp. 34-40; HMCS Saskatchewan — 4 vessels
Wall, Jason B. The Contributions of James F. Cairns, Businessman and Civic Leader of Saskatoon #13/1998 2001-07 5 figs 1902 in Saskatoon; 1906 Cairns retail store; 1908 Kinsmen Park; lobby for University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon; helped to get 3 railroads; 1909 Saskatoon Club
Kovalenko, George The Roxy: Saskatoon’s Last Historic Theatre #13/1998 8-23 14 figs 1930 Roxy; Nate Rotstein 1939; 1960 structural changes and additional theatre added; shows and events
[Sarjeant, William A.S.] Glen Makahonuk: 15 September 1951 – 10 December 1997 #13/1998 23 1 fig Archivist; labour and social history
Buhr, Larry Lost to History: The A.L. Cole Generating Station and Its Industrial Heritage #13/1998 24-36 8 figs + cover Saskatoon Power House 1906 Avenue H & Spadina; A.L. Cole 19111 on Avenue A & 19th Street; takeover SPC in 1929; 1929 new station on north side of SPC completed 1945; 1979 talks to repossess land
Kerr, Donald Draft One: Personal Recollections of a Summer Job at the Saskatoon Brewing Company #13/1998 37-41 5 figs Saskatoon Brewing Company 1909-58; 1907-8; Hoeschen-Wentzler Brewery; Labatts 1959-93; Beer: Red Ribbon and Big Chief Stout
Sarjeant, A. Margaret A Happy Ending: The Struggle to Save the Forestry Farm Superintendent’s Residence #13/1998 42 1 fig 1995 file for demolition; 1987 agreement for 10-year lease for Friends of the Forestry Farm
Delainey, William P. The Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee: The Main Issues and Events that Led to Its Development 1970-1981 #14/1999 1-16 10 figs + cover History of heritage preservation in Saskatoon; 1973 CP Station; 1979 Capitol Theatre; TD Bank; Norfolk Trust Building; 1970 Saskatoon Environmental Society created; 1978 Saskatoon Heritage Advisory Board created; 1975 City Planning Dept; 1975 Heritage Act; Saskatoon Heritage Society 1996
Campbell, Joe Jazz in Saskatoon at Mid-Century: A Reminiscence #14/1999 17-23 5 figs Don Keeler; Gordie King; Joe Campbell Sextet; Gordie Brandt Quintet; touring bands 1940s-50s
Millar, Ruth “All That Jazz” and other Dance Band Music of Bygone Days #14/1999 24-28 10 figs Photo essay: 1910-50; Knights of Rhythm; Zenith Café Orchestra; Neil Harris’s Jazz Band; Perry Tatte, Ken Peaker; Mitt Jackson; Eddie Mather Band; Vigorous College Nine
Buhr, Larry Saskatoon Brickmaking: Boom-era Building Blocks #14/1999 29-38 5 figs; 1 table; 1 map 1906-1914; 1910 improved quality; burnt clay brick; concrete blicks for 1906 Power House; 7 companies making bricks before 1918
Kerr, Donald Broadway Denizen #14/1999 39-46 4 figs Memories of Broadway 1950s-1999
Feldman, Anna The Jewish Community in Saskatoon: A Short History 1907-1998 #15/2001 1-17 8 figs Landas 1908; 1908/1910 first services; 1928 Hebrew classes; anti-semitism; entertainment WWII involvement and recruits; artists; musicians; education; future
Millar, Ruth Jewish Life and People in Saskatoon at Mid-Century: A Pictorial Sampler #15/2001 18-23 11 figs Photo essay; political (Sid Buckwold); entertainment (Barney Kutz and Gordie Brandt); family (Mitchells); education (Leon Katz ); business and community (Landa family)
Eyre, Wayne Remembrance of Saskatoon Past #15/2001 24-30 8 figs + cover Post WWII; returning soldiers, exhibition; entertainment
Sarjeant, William A.S.          
& Mitchell, Trent Sir Henry Rider Haggard in Saskatoon #15/2001 31-40 3 figs 1856-1925; writing nonfiction and novels: fantasy and history; promoting resettlement schemes; 1902 Ottawa; 10th July 1916 Regina; 13th July 1916 Saskatoon at Strand Theatre
Freydenlund, Jean Allwood Reminiscences of Two Shops on Broadway #15/2001 41-46 7 figs Typhoid epidemic 1906-7; 1909 Allwood at 819 Broadway; hardware; 1909 fire and moved to 830 Broadway to 1954; Absalamon Rice shoe store and confectionary 808 Broadway; bought by Avery sisters 1914; ice cream and confectionary; Allwood and Avery married 1917
Duerkop, John The SS Lily: The First Steamer to Visit Saskatoon #15/2001 47-54 3 figs; 1 map Shipped from Yarrow UK to Duluth 1876 in parts; steel hull; problems with shallow rivers, especially S. Saskatchewan; HBC posts; Bow and Red Rivers; Edmonton; Battle River; Carrot River; in Saskatoon once on 21st July 1883; sank 2nd September 1883 near Medicine Hat
Kerr, Donald C. Stanley Duane Hanson (1947-2001), Archivist and Historian #16/2002 2001-03 2 figs Achievements; publications list
Buhr, Larry Grist for the Mill: Flour Production in Saskatoon to 1910 #16/2002 2004-12 7 figs Centralized milling to increase rural population; fist in 1902 Saskatoon Milling Co.; 1906 Saskatoon Milling & Elevator Co. Ltd.; 1911 Avenue N and 19th Street Quaker Oats
Duerkop, John A Historic Intersection: 3rd Avenue and 21st Street #16/2002 13-20 7 figs + cover SW: Flanagan Hotel 1907 (later Senator); SE 1913 F.R. MacMillan Store; 1927 became Avenue Building; NE town hall, police court, fire dept. 1904, 1928 T Eaton opened; NW Flanagan residence, 1928 Birks opened
Millar, Ruth Architectural Influences in the Capitol Theatre, Saskatoon’s Lost Palace of Illusion #16/2002 21-38* 22 figs; 1 map *Missing inserted page between end of p. 22 and beginning of p. 23; May 1929 opened; cinema and other events, cultural, educational, commercial; Spanish, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Moorish influences; ceiling of stars; internal operations
Hirsch, Ethyle Over 90 Years of Service: The IODE in Saskatoon, 1909-2001 #16/2002 39-54 12 figs Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire est. 1901 in Canada; 1909 in Saskatoon; since 1979 IODE; goal: improvement for lives of children/youth; education; bursaries; helped financially for move of the Stone School; Next-of-Kin Memorial Ave.; list of chapters
Sarjeant, A. Margaret Postscript to “Over 90 Years of Service: The IODE in Saskatoon, 1909-2001” #16/2002 54-55 appendix List of chapters
Kerr, Donald C. Letters of W.A.S. Sarjeant #17/2003 2001-06 2 figs 1973-77; heritage concerns; letters to MP Alf Gleave; MLA Paul Mostaway; City Mayor and Aldermen; CPR Station; Capitol Theatre
Edwards, Don K. Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Memories #17/2003 7-16 7 figs + cover Ukrainian church dome; water; outhouses; stores; movies; trains; diseases; winter precautions; schools; hockey; toboggans; radio
Robertson, Duncan Francis A Barr Colony Family #17/2003 17-27 4 figs Isaac Barr; colonization companies 2700 going to Lloydminster; bought land in 1902; slogan “Canada for the British”; 1903 April in Saskatoon
O’Brien, Jeff Saskatoon’s West Industrial Area: An Historical Background #17/2003 28-40 2 figs; 2 maps; 1 plan CPR track SW from 20th Street to 11th Street and Avenue W; Old City Yard and Stables; flour mill; sawmill; lumberyard; brick manufacture; stone crushing; 1919 city sold stables to farm machinery manufacturer; 1929 early zoning consultant; Diamond Autobody; Hi-Way Refinery; Imperial Oil; Quaker Oats
Squazzin, Cynthia Rescued #18/2004 2001-05 3 figs + cover Technical Collegiate; personal memories of Ernst Lindner as an art teacher
Rempel, Richard A. Academics, Athletes and “All Rounders” #18/2004 6-15 11 figs University of Saskatchewan; Rowles; Leddy; Thode; Rempel; Timlin; Spafford; Fowke; Farstad-Dundes; Wright; Neatby; Gratias
Millar, Ruth Wright Uproar on the River #18/2004 16-26 8 figs Steamers: Lily, May Queen, Northcote; ferries; bridges; swimming; floods; river ice breakup; accidents; ski jump
Kovalenko, George The Day Saskatoon Almost Vanished #18/2004 27-28 2 figs Capitol Theatre; what if….
Edwards, Donald K. A Prairie Boy’s Trains #18/2004 29-34 4 figs 1930s-40s; memories; CPR, CN; travelling on a train
O’Brien, Jeff A History of Gordie Howe Park #18/2004 35-46 3 figs; 1 plan 120 hectares; originally TCC land bought by land speculators for residential area; 1925 Sanatorium built; 1930 seizure of land by city; Holiday Park: 1960 football; 1961 campground; 1962 golf; 1963 baseball; 1966 renamed Gordon Howe Park
Wagner, Bonnie “Squawk, and Squawk Loudly”: Saskatoon’s Battle for Television Service #19/2005 2001-06 3 figs CFQC-TV 1954; CKOM or CTV 1966; CBC application rejected in 1967, but finally accepted in 1971
Millar, Ruth Wright Rollicking Riversdale: Dennis Fisher Remembers the Fifties #19/2005 2007-12 5 figs Worked for CFQC radio; Wall ‘n Den show; river; T. Eaton store; celebrations; crime; ethnic diversity
Kovalenko, George The Third Empire Theatre Press Book #19/2005 13-14 1 fig 1916-28 three press books; reviews of shows; programs; tickets; none after sound movies; now with WDM
Brown, Cheryl The Bells of Saskatoon: The Legacy of William James Bell #19/2005 15-21 7 figs 1903 implement dealer; emigrated from S. Africa to Manitoba 1883; cricket; Public School Board; 1906 city Council; High School Board 1907-18; helped with U of S location; 1928 left Saskatoon
Kerr, Don Reg Plumb and the Capitol Theatre #19/2005 22-24 1 fig + cover 1923 in Saskatoon; worked as usher at Daylight Theatre; became Famous Players employee; 1940 manager and after supervisor; 49 years in theatres
Keeling, Arn “Saskatoon’s Sewer: Pollution and the South Saskatchewan River” #19/2005 25-30 3 figs Outhouses and wells; cause of typhoid and other epidemics; raw sewage into river; 1906 began network of pipes for water and sewage; 1908 height of typhoid; 1942 sewage treatment plant; renovations 1943, 1971, 1996
Kusch, Frank First family — First land #19/2005 31-35 1 fig 1883 first family to come; Temperance Colony Company TCC; nothing in Saskatoon – son returned to Moose Jaw for supplies; Karl died 1915; some land bequested to Roman Catholic Church; land disputes and complications.
Kerr, Don Doors Open, Saskatoon, May 29, 2005 #19/2005 36-38 3 figs Places to visit: Senator Hotel; Grace Westminster Church; Little Chief Police Station; St. Mary’s Church; Saskatoon Club; Avenue Building; Bessborough
Kerr, Don &          
Tennent, Colin The College Building #20/2006 2001-07 10 figs + cover 1911 building with concrete construction; interior; 1980/1982 National and Provincial Heritage designations; Collegiate Gothic architectural style; Brown & Vallance, Montreal architects; closed due to failed concrete 1994/1997; repaired and reopened 2005
O’Brien, Jeff Saskatoon, the Great Depression, and the Civic Relief Board #20/2006 8-16 5 figs Population 43,000 1931; worst in Canada; 1932 1200 families need relief; 1600 in 1933; public works: 19th Street subway; Broadway Bridge; Arena; weir; Civic Relief Board 1932-34 kept back funds; refused immigrants (deported); took land as security; demanded repayment; no singles relief; demonstrations against Relief Board
Kerr, Don Saskatoon Housing 1940s #20/2006 17-22 6 figs After war not enough housing or places to rent; houses built was Wartime Housing Ltd 800 houses 1944-47; problems in low-cost housing
Rempel, Richard A. Saskatoon in the 1950s #20/2006 23-37 12 figs 75% growth increase in 50s; potash; cobalt bomb at University; women: Fedoruk; Lawson; secretary Inskip; Frances Morrison
Hawke, Gerry Saskatoon and I Grow in the Sixties #20/2006 38-41 7 figs Memories: King George School; railways; Pion-Era; Capitol; King Edward Hotel fire
Millar, Ruth Wright Polyester and Kitsch, or Golden Era? A Social History of the Seventies #20/2006 42-47 5 figs 1972 Women’s Centre at USSU; women’s lib; environmental matters; heritage concerns; ethnic diversity; politicians; sports; arts & entertainment; city expansion
Kuchta, Joe Project 787: “Rehabilitation’ of The Traffic Bridge #20/2006 48-54 6 figs; 1 table Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee MHAC; history of requests for bridge upkeep and assessment; only partial work in 1979; 2005 report of engineers that bridge cannot be saved
Kovalenko, George The Roxy’s Rebirth! #20/2006 55-57 3 figs Details of changes made to the Roxy over the years
Campbell, Joe Bob Klassen: A Personal Tribute #20/2006 58-63 7 figs Family history; played many instruments in Saskatoon Symphony and various bands; Bridge City Dixieland Band
Hayden, Michael History of the University of Saskatchewan History Department #21/2007 2003-10 9 figs 1911 faculty scattered across campus; 1960 first secretary and admin. assistant; G. Simpson; C. Lightbody; Jean Murray; Hilda Neatby; Chair in Native Newcomer History; merging with Classics Department
Avery, Cheryl Oasis for Learning: Landscaping the University of Saskatchewan #21/2007 11-24 14 figs + cover 1912-14 Thomas Mawson; 1921-48 Cecil Patterson; the “Bowl”; thematic groups of trees and shrubs
Rempel, Richard The Culture of the Biology Department at the University of Saskatchewan: C. 1913-1963 #21/2007 25-43 15 figs 1913 W.P. Thompson genetics; W.P. Fraser and M. Newton wheat plant research; L.G. Saunders entomology; T.C. Vanterpool root rot; D.S. Rawson limnology; Depression; T.J. Arnason genetics; J. Rempel entomology; M. Shaw plant physiology; T. Steeves plant morphology
Spafford, Duff University of Saskatchewan Pottery #21/2007 44-49 16 figs Ceramic engineering est. 1922; lasted 30 years
Wilson, A. Diane Century Houses of Nutana #21/2007 50-64 22 figs Trounce House 512 10th Street E; Marr Residence 326 11th Street E; (pre 1903) 414 11th Street E; (1903-4) 502 11th Street E; (ca. 1904) 718 Melrose Avenue; (1903-6) 221 10th Street E; (1903-6) 330 10th Street E; (1903-6) 408 (402) 10th Street E; (1903-6) 619 Street E; (1906-7) 418 9th Street E; (1906-7) 422 9th Street E; (1906-7) 510 10th Street; (1906-7) 525 10th Street E; (1906-7) 625 University Drive; (1906-7) 1022 Victoria Avenue; (1906-7) 606 Landsdowne Avenue
Brenna, Dwayne Fifty-Six Years at Stratford and Still Going Strong: An Interview with Robert Hinitt #22/2008 2002-08 4 figs Taught French and English at City Park 1950-59; Aden Bowman 1959 till retirement; love of theatre; visited Stratford, Ontario every year; started Castle Theatre in Aden Bowmann
Park, Jeff Skip Kutz: A Community of Music #22/2008 9-13 5 figs Honoured 1995 at Jazz Festival; father Barney Kutz also a bass player; loves to play all types of music: classical, jazz, country, but jazz is first love; feel of music/community/sharing
Clarke, John Livingstone Anne Szumigalski’s House, as Sacred Space #22/2008 14-16 2 figs House at 9 Connaught Place; poet
Millar, Ruth “The Silver Screen in Saskatoon: A Pictorial History of Early Cinema Houses” #22/2008 17-25 16 figs 1903 Cairns Hall; 1907 Kevin (later Starland) Theatre; 1907 Bijou Theatre; 1911 Daylight Theatre; 1912 Victoria (became 1930 Tivoli) Theatre; 1912 Strand Theatre; 1915 Empire Theatre (showed Birth of a Nation: first film with music reel); 1929 talkies at new Capitol Theatre; 1946 Broadway Theatre
Halmo, Joan Lyell Gustin: His Life and Musical Legacy #22/2008 26-33 7 figs + cover Early life; Lyell Gustin Piano Studio 1920-88; 1924 Musical Art Club; music teacher; Lyell Gustin House now used for arts events; established by Lloyd Rodwell
Kerr, Don Nik Semenoff, Artists and Inventor #22/2008 34-39 8 figs Modern Press; CFQC ads; painting; stone lithography
Sarjeant, Peggy A Delicate Operation: The Story of Moving the Trounce House, Saskatoon’s Oldest Building to Safety #22/2008 40-42 4 figs 1883; at back of Gustin House; 2006 design to move house forward a few feet and place on a new concrete base; 2007 spring move away from alley
Waygood, Kate Heritage: Untold Stories of the Heritage Movement in Saskatoon #22/2008 43-48 6 figs 1977 move to Saskatoon; NIP Neighbourhood Improvement Program; RRAP Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program; latter program to assist renovation of old homes; studied urban planning at university; formation of Nutana Residents Association; review of land use and zoning; successful candidate for Ward 10 councillor; formation of MHAC; public notification before rezoning; Albert Community Centre
Rempel, Dick Lou and Ruth Horlick: Good Citizens of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan #23/2010 2002-10 5 figs Early years Ruth’s travels and education as a nurse, esp. in psychiatry; Lou’s background and education as a cardiologist; 1951 marriage; move to Saskatoon 1954; Couples Club; Ruth volunteer work in Psychiatry; Lou continued research and clinical studies while teaching in Medicine
Rashley, Marguerite Allan Bowerman and His Hunting Lodge #23/2010 2011-12 4 figs + cover Built 1907 and lived spring/summer until 1923; widow sold the house to the Crown 1924; Sanatorium built 1925; Dr. Boughton (superintendent) moved to Bowerman House from 1925-59.
Patrick-Roberts, Marnie A Walk down Memory Lane: An Indulgence #23/2010 13-16 5 figs Patrick House 917 Temperance Street; Spencer House 913 Temperance Street; Campbell House 903 Temperance Street; Rempel House 831 Temperance Street; second Patrick House 801 University Drive; Adaskin House 847 University Drive; Bonney House 916 University Drive; MacDonald House 915 University Drive
Sarjeant, Peggy Memories of Joe Zeman (1914-2000), a Dedicated Heritage Advocate #23/2010 17-18 1 fig Supporter of Saskatoon heritage; work in amateur sport as a coach and volunteer; agricultural economist for Canadian Department of Agriculture; member of the Board of the Heritage Society for 23 years; interests: Normal School and dairy barn at University of Saskatchewan
Kerr, Don Nutana Memorial Art Collection #23/2010 19-25 6 figs 1920 to honour lives of students lost in WWI; request to artists for works; Marion Long “Pauline”; Emile Walters “Winter”; Sybil Jacobson “Reverie”; James H. Henderson “Victoria, B.C.”; James H. Henderson “Chief Pemimotat”; A.Y. Jackson; John William Beatty “Madawaska Valley”
Van Pul, Paul A Brief History of Hydroelectricity in Saskatoon #24/2011 2002-07 1 fig; 3 maps Steam and coal used in power plants; coal famine of 1906; damming of South Saskatchewan an issue; Charles Mitchell to design 1906; question of Mitchell’s choice of location; did not design a lock for boat traffic; private or public enterprise; financial problems 1911; Fraser Brace and the Fort à la Corne site
Millar, Ruth World War One Flying Ace, Clifford McKay McEwan #24/2011 8-14 5 figs Ace = five hits against the enemy; born 1896 in Griswold, Manitoba; The Great War; joined army in 1916; orders to fight in Europe changed 1917 and told his application for Royal Flying Corps now accepted; 5 hrs flying experience before going to France; first military planes; 1918 in Italy; Battles of Piave and Vittorio Veneto; between the wars remained in RAF; WWII lead advanced training school at Trenton; England 1944-45 lead Bomber group
Scharf, Alan Collecting History with Your Camera #24/2011 15-20 8 figs + cover What to shoot; make your picture sing; what to do with the photographs
Thompson, Margaret W. A Memoir of Mrs. W.P. Thompson #24/2011 21-27 4 figs Wife of university president W.P. Thompson; born 1889 in Ontario; met husband in 1912; taught biology in Ontario; 1914 married and moved to Saskatoon; 1919 crisis in Biology department; 1916 Local Council of Women; 1919 Saskatoon University Women’s Club; relationship with faculty; friends; years in President’s house; family
Lomheim, Shirley Gates of Glory #24/2011 28-31 3 figs 1928-55 main gates leading to University Hospital; gates to be moved; opposition; 1988 decision to leave gates as memorial to WWI
Tennant (sic), Colin &          
Wallace, Andrew Sustainable Planning at the University of Saskatchewan #24/2011 32-40 7 figs; 1 map; 2 plans Growth of the university; 1909 master plan; what to teach? 1300 acres of land purchased; scale of plan and scope; plan of buildings to consider availability of electricity and ventilation; 1957 Campus plan; 1961 model plan; transportation issues
Sarjeant, Peggy The Saskatoon History Review: A Retrospective in Celebration of the Magazine’s 25th Anniversary #25/2012 2002-06 3 figs Editors: Julie Harris; Brock Silversides; William “Bill” Sarjeant (13 issues); Don Kerr; various thematic issues mentioned; contributors; name change in 1989 from Saskatoon History to Saskatoon History Review
Van Pul, Paul Seven Decades Underwater: A Look Back at the Weir #25/2012 7-23 7 plans 1937 idea to build weir to allow planes to land and take off; original plan south of CN (Grand Trunk) bridge; PFRA; closing a dam; construction details; money obtained for relief work; 1939 sanctioned agreement between City and Federal government; finished weir; accidents due to water changes with thinner ice in winter and lack of protective booms in summer; future of the weir? Air harbour concept discussion.
Millar, Ruth Pictures from the Pages of Saskatoon History Review #25/2012 21-38 29 figs + cover Photo essay: selection of published photos in last 25 issues
Fortier, J. Michael Heritage Heroes: Ken Achs #25/2012 39 1 fig CPR station renovation; 1923 Hutchinson Building on 2nd Avenue; Union-Laurentian Bank Building (built 1909) on 21st Street & 2nd Avenue; adaptive reuse of King George Hotel (built 1911); Modern Press Building
Sarjeant, Peggy Heritage Heroes: Donald Irvine and the Trounce House #25/2012 40 1 fig Discovered the Trounce House; his work helped in heritage designation and eventual preservation
Tennent, Colin Heritage Heroes: Peter MacKinnon #25/2012 41 1 fig Former president of University of Saskatchewan; appreciated the heritage and style of the College Building; responsible for rehabilitation of the structure
Halmo, Joan Heritage Heroes: Lloyd Rodwell and the Lyell Gustin Legacy #25/2012 42 1 fig Rodwell studied piano with Lyell Gustin and even taught piano in later years; 1988 purchase after death of Gustin; archived all Gustin’s papers with Provincial Archives; set up trust in his will for care of Gustin house and the Trounce House; restoration of Gustin House completed 2007
Sarjeant, Peggy Heritage Heroes: Bernie Cruikshank and the Superintent’s Residence at the Forestry Farm #25/2012 43 1 fig Superintendent of the Nursery Station; 174 million trees to prairie farmers; 1994 City decides to demolish building and repeal heritage status; 1996 Friends of the Forestry Farm House; lease agreement with City signed 1998; house restored by volunteers 1998-2003; Bernie Cruikshank gave life to FFFH and saved the building
Sarjeant, Peggy A Hundred Years of Heritage Preservation 1911-2011 #25/2012 44-59 22 figs WDM; Grant House 712 Dufferin; Local History Room; 1976 Saskatoon Heritage Society; Standard Trust Building demolition 1976; Capitol Theatre demolition 1979 and protest 1982; Crowe Block 1979; Ross Building; Sanatorium; Trounce House; Broadway Walking Tours; CPR Station; Forestry Farm House; Municipal Justice Building 1996 demolition; Gathercole Centre demolition; St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School; Royal Canadian Legion;
Park, Don &          
Rempel, Dick Two Prairie Boys’ Boyhood: Saskatoon Post War 1946-1950 #25/2012 60-70 7 figs Economic conditions of Saskatoon; public transport; grocery shopping without a vehicle; impact of WWII; hockey obsession; adventure and sanctuary on the riverbank; paper route memories; radio; reading; music and movies; what happened to us
Geary, David Mendel Art Gallery and Civic Conservatory #26/2014 2002-08 5 figs; 1 plan Built 1964, closed as art gallery 2016; beginnings of the Mendel and Mr. Mendel and his art collection; 2004 plans for renovation and expansion; plan aborted in 2009 for the Remai Modern Art Gallery
Bury, John Roger Walls Architect and Adventurer: A Memoir #26/2014 9-13 8 figs 1970 Saskatoon Community Clinic; Sturdy Stone Centre; Education Building; retired to sail around the world; personal life
Kerr, Donn An Interview with Ken Achs #26/2014 14-16 5 figs Personal reminiscences; King George Hotel Hutchinson Block; Luxe Condominium Broadway & 11th Street
Delainey, Bill Trek to Saskatoon #26/2014 17-22 2 figs; 1 map April 1883 two Caswell brothers, Robert and Joseph trek to Saskatoon from Moose Jaw with the Temperance Colonists; problems crossing rivers and ravines; late spring blizzard; mud; leader George Grant; finding trails; Beaver Cree; White Cap Indian Reserve; arrival in Saskatoon
Thomas, Stan The Caswell “Boys” Hit 80! Saskatoon in the 1940’s — a Reflection of Boyhood Life #26/2014 23-29 8 figs + cover Former students of Caswell Hill School; memories; war; cinema; winter; girls; spring, summer; radio; jobs; the river; manual training; athletes; what happened and where are they now?
Campbell, Joe Friendly Facing #26/2014 30-31 1 fig Demolition of the Legion Hall in downtown Saskatoon; memories of dances and jazz; “Although I go to funerals, I draw the line at executions”
Kerr, Don Book Review: David Kaplan (2012), The Well-Tempered Klezmerer #26/2014 32-33 1 fig Arrived in Saskatoon to teach Music Education at the University; he started many music bands; worked with Joseph Naytowhow; wrote and played music for Remembrance day and the Holocaust Memorial Service
McPherson, Robert Book Review: Bernard Flaman (2013), Architecture of Saskatchewan: A Visual Journey 1930-2011 #26/2014 33-37 7 figs Sketches, drawing, schematics and blue-prints as well as photos of buildings; Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church 1961; Lutheran Theological Seminary 1968; Sturdy Stone Centre 1977; Wanuskewin Heritage Park Interpretive Centre 1992; Saskatchewan Crescent home 1999
Van Pul, Paul The Beginnings of the Saskatoon Air Harbour 1927-1929 #27/2015 2-14 5 figs; 2 maps; 2 plans 1911 first plane in Saskatoon; McClelland & Lobb Aerodrome 1919; Keng Wah School 1919; First Saskatchewan Aviation Company; Air Harbour location controversy; 1928 Saskatoon Municipal Aerodrome; fuelling station; Trans Canada Airway; night flying and air mail service; Aero Club
[Kerr, Don] In Memoriam 2014-2015 #27/2015 14   Muriel Bremner: May 1923-August 2014; Florence Charmbury 1923-November 2014; Arlean McPherson May 1927-July 2015
Wilson, Dianne Arlington Ingalls Farnam and the Farnam Block #27/2015 15-22 5 figs; 5 plans; 1 table + cover 1908 Farnam in Saskatoon; owner of general store on Broadway; built 1912; blue-print plans from City Archives; interior; list of occupants in 1913; two addresses: 531 – 11th Street or 650 Broadway Avenue; 1923 left Saskatoon
Geary, Dave The Farnam Block and the Merry Mansion — A Lively Cultural History #27/2015 23-34 10 figs; 5 colour figs (insert); 2 colour figs inside back cover Farnam Block housed many businesses and people since 1912; Hippie Days; posters, incense etc.; coffee house (The Crypt); art galleries; book stores; clothing stores; Lydia’s (poetry; Friday’s after Five; ghosts); Satellite house at rear known locally as Merry Mansion; Humphrey and the Dumptrucks; The Stuff Store; Turning the Tide (bookstore); paintings of the block by Richard Popoff and Vince Broda – see inside back cover
Wood, Judy The Destruction of a Broadway Icon: The Fall of the Farnam Block #27/2015 [29A-B] 5 colour figs Photo essay; pictures depicting the demolition of the Farnam Block
Millar, Ruth Wright Diana Wright: from London Society Pages to Prairie Activist #27/2015 35-43 5 figs 1936 skier on Olympic team in Germany; born in Toronto 1908; married in England 1932; son George came to Canada; divorced 1940; Children’s Aid Society during war; met and married Jim Wright 1944 (a journalist, writer, and activist); moved to Landis area; moved to Saskatoon 1950 in Grasswood area; Diana started to write in 1960s; Governor-General Vanier; Jim’s suicide 1974; Saskatoon Environment Society; died 1982
Kerr, Don Ed Abramson: World of Talk #27/2015 44-45 1 fig University of Saskatchewan Film Society; choosing movies; memories
Rempel, Richard A. Walter Surma Tarnopolsky: 1932-1993 #27/2015 46-51 1 fig Ukrainian Canadian raised in Gronlid, Saskatchewan; became law professor; inspired by Prof. Charles Lightbody (modern European history); President SRC 1956; moved to New York for Masters in History; 1954 returned to U of S to study Law; retained interest in international affairs and was a member of WUSC; NFCUS and the University; an author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982; died 1993
Kerr Don Book Review: Sara Williams (2014): Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo: A Photographic History #27/2015 51-52 2 figs Details of the nursery at the Forestry Farm: Manitoba Maple; native Green Ash; native elm; Caragana; poplar; willow; superintendents James McLean (1914-42) and Les Kerr (1942-66)
Geary, Dave Eli Bornnstein, The Tree of Knowledge, and the Beginning of Public Abstract Sculpture in Saskatoon #28/2016 2002-10 13 figs + cover; 2 figs colour inside back cover Modern art in 50s; 1958 Tree of Knowledge; Eli Bornstein and his life; history of the 1956 commission; development of the sculpture through models; public response; artist’s response; post-controversy and use of the image by Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation; two paintings by Eli Bornstein on inside back cover
Kerr, Don Campus Radio #28/2016 11-21 4 figs 1965 radio went on the air; Saskatoon Society for Public Broadcasting; 1974 conflict regarding management control; 1977, 1981, 1982, 1984 reports; 1985 station closed; audience; programs (success of Goon Show from Britain); ads; interviews with Wayne Eyre, Dwayne Brenna; Michael Pollock; Ken Gordon, and Larry Gelmon
Van Pul, Paul The Saskatoon Municipal Airport 1936-1940 #28/2016 22-33 1 fig; 4 plans; 1 map Change in federal government and new promotion of airports; expanded facilities in Saskatoon; regulations to be met; various airport plans; 1938 finalized plans, but improvements to be made for night flying; mail service 1938; passenger flights no toilets; snow clearing in winter; sewer and water line extensions 1940; changing management companies before the war.
Jaremko, Ron; Curator In Case of Fire: A Selection of Photographs from the Saskatoon Public Library Local History Gallery Show of 2012 #28/2016 34-40 14 figs Photo essay; 1904 fire hall 3rd Avenue & 21st Street; 1908 Fire Hall #1 23rd Street & 4th Avenue; 1911 horse-drawn wagons; fire hall on east side near Broadway on 11th Street, 1912; National Trust fire 1915; firemen helping with harvest WWII 1944; 1951 Winnipeg Pain and Glass Company and Canada Egg products fire; 1952 Grummett and Sons fire; 1958 Mayfair Church fire.
Van Pul, Paul Saskatoon Airport 1941-1953: A Matter of Runways #29/2019 2002-08 10 figs, including 3 plans Development of the Saskatoon Airport; importance of size and runway designation and placement; buildings built during WWII for servicemen; civilian and civic changes to the design of the airport after the war; details of runway structure and construction.
Kerr, Donn Frank Peters, Working Man        
From a personal interview conducted in 2018 #29/2019 2009-10 2 figs Construction companies and construction buildings worked on by Frank Peters from 1951 to 1991; Ellis Hall; Lawson Heights Mall; Wright Construction; General Construction Workers Union Local 890.  
Morton, Alan Public Transit for the Masses: Saskatoon’s Municipal Street Railway #29/2019 11-16 7 figs + cover History of the streetcar in Saskatoon and elsewhere; 4 early routes; role of Long Hill and Traffic Bridge; Avenue C Municipal Railway Depot; extension to Sutherland; winter hazards with iced rails; 1922 accident on Long Hill; robbery in 1931; trolleys and buses replace streetcars; last journey 1951.
Park, Don &          
Rempel, Dick Memories of City Park Collegiate #29/2019 17-21 5 figs City Park Collegiate, built 1929; memories of high school 1948-1952; what happened after school and weekends, dances; school subjects and teachers especially Robert Arn and Bob Hinnitt; what happened after graduation and university
[Saskatoon Heritage Society] In Memoriam #29/2019 22-23 5 figs Gary Blain Hooge (1940-2017); Jeanne Isabel Walters (1922-2018); William Paul Currelly Hamilton (1938-2018); Chesley Speer Anderson (1928-2018); Cleoniky “Cleo” Girgulis (Barootes) (1921-2018).
Millar, Ruth Wright Passport to the Future: Saskatoon Schools #29/2019 24-40 25 figs, including figs 9, 24, 25 in colour on inside back cover Photo essay: Castle schools; Aden Bowman Collegiate (Bob Hinnitt); Buena Vista School (1914); City Park Collegiate (“Reach for the Top 1971); King George School (Gordie Howe); Nutana Collegiate (1918 domestic science class); R.J.D. Williams School for the Deaf (woodworking and regular class); Saskatoon Technical Collegiate (1945 play “The Patsy” and WWII role; Ernst Lindner; Sharon Butala); St. Joseph’s School (1980 Native Survival School); St. Paul’s High School (began 1911 in St. Paul’s Church basement); Sutherland School (role of the railway and “cinder” roads and sidewalks); Victoria School (3 schools from late 1880s to 1910; additions 1928/29 and 1966; attic classroom 1913); Walter Murray Collegiate (1961); Wilson School (1914; renovations and repurposing by Affinity Credit Union 2011-2014).