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Jones, Tim 60 Saskatoon Centuries #1/1980 2003-10 5 figs; 1 table Prehistoric Saskatoon; Tipperary Creek; archaeology; medicine wheel
Dallas, Zoé The Clinkskill Home #1/1980 2011-12 4 figs Spadina & 19th Street; James Clinkskill; 1904
Hayden, Michael Where the 20’s Didn’t Roar — The University of Saskatchewan, 1920-1930 #1/1980 13-21 6 figs College of Agriculture; student life; female students; white supremacy
Lough, Lisa Dahlie          
Duerkop, John Along the Trails to Saskatoon #1/1980 22-24 2 figs 1883 beginnings of trail to Moose Jaw; Moose Woods to Batoche; railway; Bone Trail
Taylor, Georgina Sophia Dixon: “Progressive Always — Indifferent Never” #1/1980 25-31 5 figs UFC – United Farmers of Canada; CCF, 1940s Saskatoon


Heath, Terrence Ernest Lindner as Teacher #2/1981-2 2003-11 15 figs 1931-35 evening art classes; 1931-62 high school teacher; Saturday night radio broadcasts
Harris, Julie Lots for Sale — Saskatoon, 1890-1905 #2/1981-2 12-15 6 figs; 1 map 1890 and first railroad – CPR, survey
Kerr, Don Modernization of the Italian Renaissance Style #2/1981-2 16-17 1 fig T. Eaton being built 1928, 21st Street & 4th Avenue; downtown
Taft, Michael A Brief Tour of the Capitol Theatre #2/1981-2 18-23 5 figs memories of Capitol theatre; stage; cinema; food; mice and birds
Regehr, T.D. Mennonites in Saskatoon — Some Early Occurrences #2/1981-2 24-32 4 figs; 2 tables Settlement history; Rev. Thiessen; Friesen – Braun trial; domestic servants; church


Hanson, Stan The Administration Building #3/1985 2004-07 5 figs University of Saskatchewan; 1913 opening; greystone
Kerr, Donald The Avalon Building (Thompson Chambers) #3/1985 2008-10 3 figs 1912; 2nd Avenue & 23rd Street; commercial office building
Schacherl, Eva The Bowerman House #3/1985 11-14   1328 Avenue K South; officially summer house; 1907-23 Dr. Alan Bowerman; Sanatorium grounds; 1925-32 Dr. Boughton; fire 1940-41
Lepp, Wilbur A Study of Saskatoon’s First Church #3/1985 15-19 5 figs Early worship 1893; Eastlake Avenue & 10th Street; Methodist church named Grace Church; new structure 1910; last building 1929; 1949 tower
Silversides, Brock Saskatoon Architects 1905-1920 #3/1985 20-36 8 figs Cordery; Griffiths; La Chance; Thompson, Daniel & Colthurst; Thompson & Crockart; Storey & Van Egmond; Webster; O’Learys & Delay; Brown & Vallance; Bugenhagen & Turnbull; Martin; Morrison


Stalasinyj, Kathy Legacy of Faith: St. John’s Anglican Cathedral #4/1989 2001-05 6 figs + cover Early English Gothic style; 1917-17; extensions 1951, 1961; tennis courts
McPherson, Arlean The Saskatoon Public Library 1913 to 1965 #4/1989 6-15 12 figs Library board 1912; 1913-23 rented basement; building 3rd Avenue & 21st Street; 1928-65 new building 4th Avenue & 23rd Street; 1956 addition to main building; history of branches and development
Zeman, Brenda Three Sisters: The Indefatigable Rowles Sisters of Saskatoon #4/1989 16-29 11 figs Winnie Rowles; Jessie Caldwell; Edith Simpson
Duerkop, John D. Where Did Riel Sleep? #4/1989 29   S.S. Northcote; May 1885; Harry Trounce
Bliss, Jacqueline C. Saskatoon Club: The British Tradition #4/1989 30-33 3 figs Saskatoon Board of Trade 1908; rented rooms; 1909-12 MacBeth Black; 1912 on 21st Street; 1979 addition
Duerkop, John D. The Four Other Saskatoons (The Ones That Used To Float) #4/1989 34-40 4 figs Two Great Lakes vessels 1910-66; 1914 – Saskatchewan river vessel; 1940-48 Royal Canadian Navy corvette
Sarjeant, William A.S. John Diefenbaker and His Saskatoon Residences #4/1989 40-41 1 fig 411 – 9th Street East; 107 Albert Avenue


Munkacsi, Istvan A Retrospect of the Hungarian Community in Saskatoon #5/1990 2001-11 6 figs; 2 tables 1949-90; 1954 Hungarian Society; 1956 immigration; Hungarian Hall 1947 construction
Hall, Jacqueline J. St. Mark’s Anglican Church, 19039-1989 #5/1990 12-14 4 figs 8th Avenue & Osborne Street; stable; 1911-1939; country church style
McPherson, Arlean The Nutana Cemetery #5/1990 15-31 12 figs 1884-1904; early settlers; Nutana Cemetery Company; funerals
Millar, Ruth Historical High-Jinks: The Spirited Side of Saskatoon Social History #5/1990 32-34 7 figs Photo essay; 1887-1930; entertainment; picnics; Sons of Jove
Duerkop, John D. A Remarkable Pioneer Family: The Widow Clark and Her Children #5/1990 35-41 7 figs 1884; Moose Jaw Trail; Temperance Colony; Trounce; Marr; early life in Saskatoon; fencing problems
Sarjeant, A. Margaret On Broadway in the Dirty Thirties #5/1990 42-45 3 figs 1883 Temperance Colony; oldest commercial district; market area for Dundurn/Moose Woods; 1932 Broadway Bridge; renting above businesses


Girgulis, Cleo Greek Immigrants in Saskatoon #6/1991 1-13 13 figs; 1 map Immigration 1920s and later; restaurants; Ahepa Hall 1946; celebrations; education; religion
Millar, Ruth “Photo by Charmbury”: A Positive Image #6/1991 14-21 14 figs + cover Photo essay; from PA in 1900 to Saskatoon 1918; Charmbury Collection Local History Room, Saskatoon Public Library
Hall, Jacqueline J. A Jewellery Store in Saskatoon: Henry Birks and Sons Ltd. #6/1991 22-25 5 figs Montreal 1879; Saskatoon 1925; built 3rd Avenue and 21st Street store in 1928-29
Duerkop, John D. From the Hub of the Universe to the Pioneer West: Allan Newcombe and the Bostonia Colony #6/1991 26-35 8 figs 1906, 41 homesteaders; camped at Pleasant Hill; Bostonian Well Company 1907; 118-9th Street E; Saskatoon Philharmonic Society 1909
Dietz, Alexander Waphaska: The Early History of the Whitecap Band #6/1991 36-45 7 figs; 2 maps + cover 1876 Dakota Minnesota uprising; negotiations with Canadian government for land; farming; casual employment; Riel Rebellion


Wayman, Easton &          
Sarjeant, William A.S. Saskatoon’s Trolley Buses 1948-1974: Gone and Almost Forgotten #7/1992 1-13 17 figs; 1 map + cover 1913 street car; first trolley + diesel 1946; 1974 end of trolleys; 1951 end of street cars
Champ, Joan E. Sutherland: The Early Years, 1909-1914 #7/1992 14-20 7 figs Early land speculation; CPR station; 1905 railway bridge; 1913 Forest Nursery Station; connect to Saskatoon street car system
Hall, Jacqueline J. Vimy Memorial Band Stand, Kiwanis Park #7/1992 21-24 3 figs Commemorate 1915 battle WWI; 1936-37 built by Kiwanis Club; 1987 renovation
Cushon, Janice D. &          
Dietz, Linda F. Big Crooks Hit the Small Town; or, Plan Your Escape Before Your Heist #7/1992 25-34 18 figs September 1951; Royal Bank of Canada 813 Broadway Avenue; Marion Graham’s vehicle; attempt to escape at University of Saskatchewan
Millar, Ruth Sensitivity and Vision: Social History Through the Lens of Helen Schrader #7/1992 35-39 12 figs Photo essay; came to Saskatoon 1907; family, city and Borden-area farm pictures.
Bremner, Muriel V. From Flour and Feed to Hobbies and Shoes: The History of a Broadway Store #7/1992 40-45 4 figs Frank Holmes; 724 Broadway; 1907 hardware, food, staples; 1920s telephone, grocer, hardware; changes include billiards, shoes; 726 Broadway bought


Sarjeant, William A.S. A Saskatoon Historian: Sally Potter Clubb, 1917-1992 #8/1993 2001-04 2 figs. Guide to Historic Buildings in Saskatoon; Normal School 1935; list of publications
Champ, Joan Remembering Montgomery: A History of Montgomery Place, 1945-1956 #8/1993 5-16 9 figs; 1 plan Veterans’ Land Act 1944; 1945 land purchase and infrastructure; 1949 Montgomery Place Ratepayers Assoc.
Morrison, Frances 55 Years on Broadway: Memories of Harrington’s Jewelry Store #8/1993 17-21 5 figs 1912-67; Farnam Block 1912-17; 624 Broadway – fire 1917; Argue Block 1917-67 628 Broadway; 1979 demolished
Hanson, Stanley D. &          
Kerr, Donald C. Saskatoon and the Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1938-1940 #8/1993 22-27 4 figs Pacifism; Carlyle King/Cleo Mowers; WWII
Werle, Penny Growing Up in Downtown Saskatooon #8/1993 28-33 10 figs + cover Crest Craft 311-22nd Street E; Kinsmen Park; 40s & 50s downtown stores
Sarjeant, A. Margaret Three Million Trees a Year: The Forgotten History of Saskatoon’s Forestry Farm Park and Zoo #8/1993 34-41 6 figs; 1 plan Sutherland 1915; tree distribution to prairie farms; 320 acres; 1965 Nursery Station closed; 1930s shelter belts; 147 million trees 1913-63
Millar, Ruth Errata #8/1993 4   Errata to article published #7/1992, pp. 35-39; Helen Schrader
Bremner, Muriel V. Errata #8/1993 4   Errata to article published #7/1992, pp. 40-45; 724/726 Broadway


Dietz, Linda F. From ‘Best Patched Pants’ to ‘Arabia’ the Human Horse: A Social History of the Saskatoon Exhibition (1886-1913) #9/1994 1-20 11 figs + cover 1886 Central Saskatchewan Agricultural Society; 1911 incorporation The Saskatoon Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition Assoc. Ltd.; 1886-1902 – Louise grounds; 1903-8 – City Park; 1909 dedicated space bought; exhibits both rural and urban; entertainment
Millar, Ruth &          
Kagis, Aina “Keepers of the Hearth”: Domestic Scenes from Saskatchewan History in the Local History Room Photographic Collection #9/1994 21-25 9 figs Ralph Dill; Peter McKenzie; picnics; interiors; field work
Sarjeant, William A.S. An English Poet Visits Saskatoon #9/1994 26-30 1 fig Alfred Noyes; 1924
Gustafson, Glenn Richard St. Barbe Baker: Man of the Trees #9/1994 31-35 6 figs Influenced by Barr Colonists; one of first University of Saskatchewan students; 1910; WWI study forestry at Cambridge; 1924 Bahai faith; travelled to Kenya, Nigeria, Sahara, New Zealand, Gobi Desert, India
Duerkop, John The Vital Link: Saskatoon’s Traffic Bridge #9/1994 36-45 6 figs Built 1905-7; 1908 crash; Short Hill; Long Hill; street cars – accident 1922; drainage problems and quick sand


Robinson, Ruth Dedication #10/1995 1 1 fig Commemoration issue of two world wars
Gustafson, Glenn Remember Me — The War Memorials of Saskatoon #10/1995 2002-07 12 figs + cover University; downtown; Kiwanis Park
Dietz, Linda F. Patriotism and Subdued Pleasures: A Social History of the Saskatoon Exhibition from 1914 to 1919 #10/1995 8-18 7 figs; 3 appendices Role of military in Exhibition; entertainment; parades; exhibits; races; food
Hanson, Stan &          
Kerr, Donald The University of Saskatchewan in Two World Wars #10/1995 19-27 8 figs Contrasting attitudes between students and faculty; 196th Battalion; veterans
McPherson, Robert M. Of Armouries and Unicorns I Sing: Army and Naval Installations in Saskatoon #10/1995 18-34 4 figs Clinkskill property purchased 1911 by federal government; 1914 armory on 3rd Avenue & Spadina; HMS Unicorn 378 – 1st Avenue North
Clark-Daoudi, Leslie &          
Duerkop, John Cadets on the South Saskatchewan River: A History of the Shepley Island Camp #10/1995 35 -45 9 figs; 2 maps; 1 plan; 2 appendices Naval cadets; 2-week training; boating; swimming; clothes washing; military parades, shooting
Millar, Ruth Far from the Bombs: Scenes of the War Years in Saskatoon #10/1995 46-52 14 figs Photo essay; WWII recruiting; training; war effort; posters; RCAF
Sarjeant, A. Margaret To Saskatchewan for Love: The Story of Saskatoon’s World War II Brides #10/1995 53-59 5 figs Immigration; October 1944-April 1946; children; YWCA; IODE; Overseas Wives Club
Kerr, Donald Saskatoon Remembered, by Writers Who Left Town #10/1995 60-67 6 figs J.B. ‘Hamish’ McGeachy; Max Braithwaite; John Prebble; Farley Mowat; Norman Levine; Joanne McLelland Glass


Dietz, Linda F. &          
Olekson, Shirlee Memories of Summers Past: The 110th Anniversary of the Saskatoon Exhibition #11/1996 1-24 81 figs + cover Photo essay; posters; agricultural, commercial and domestic exhibits; racing; baseball; grandstand; midway; parades; Indian Village; farm camp; concessions
Makahonuk, Glen Out of Work: The Unemployment Crisis of 1913-1915 in Saskatoon #11/1996 25-34 4 figs; 2 tables 1912 Boom effects; Salvation Army; seasonal employment; political and labour actions
Gustafson, Glenn Eyes above the Ground: Gargoyles, Grotesques and Carvings on Saskatoon Buildings #11/1996 35-38 14 figs St. John’s Cathedral; Bessborough; College Building, University of Saskatchewan; Chubb Block; Odd Fellows Temple
Klaassen, Tonja Gunvaldsen Breath #11/1996 39 1 fig Poem; Ethel Catherwood, Saskatoon Lily
Duerkop, John Our “Marine Service”: The Saskatoon Ferry 1883-1907 #11/1996 40-56 9 figs; 1 map Chief Whitecap; ferry mechanics; 1884-85 Andy LaPlante ferryman; Riel Rebellion; 1886 John Stewart ferryman; Temperance Colony
Millar, Ruth &          
Jaremko, Ron &          
Kovalenko, George Dear Old Facades with Storeys to Tell: A Visual Roundup of Some of Saskatoon’s Vintage Buildings #11/1996 57-75 23 figs Photo essay; Caswell School; Avenue Building; Cambridge Court; St. Paul’s Cathedral; Hanson/Hollywood Building; National Trust Folk Building; Pendygrasse House; Royal Bank Building; Sommerfeld Block; Victoria School; Centrall Chambers; McKay Block; Roxy; Broadway Theatre; Synagogue; Dowding Building; Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral; Connaught/Blain/Herman Block; Kempthorne Block; Little Chief Service Station; Eaton’s Mail Order Warehouse; Webb Block; Municipal Justice Building; Wilson Block


Bocking, Douglas &          
Thiessen, Walter Lloyd Whitfield Rodwell (1927-1996) #12/1997 2001-03 1 fig Saskatchewan Archives Board; local history of Saskatoon; Gustin House; music teacher
Gerald &          
Gladys Rose “if Rose Cleaned it — It’s C-L-E-A-N” #12/1997 4-14 13 figs Arthur Rose 1913; Depression; war years
Makahonuk, Glen The One Big Union in Saskatoon: A Case Study of Revolutionary Unionism, 1919-1922 #12/1997 15-27 5 figs One Big Union OBU; Labour Party; Industrial Worker of the World; 1918 postal strike; 1919 general strike
Millar, Ruth “Little haciendas on the prairie”: Spanish Architectural Motifs in Certain Saskatoon Structures #12/1997 28-36 8 figs + cover Capitol Theatre; Charmbury/Spinks home; Little Chief Service Station; OK Economy store; JH Early Motor Co.; McGavin’s; Park Funeral Chapel
Duerkop, John Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Afloat #12/1997 37-42 5 figs HMCS Saskatoon; update from SHR #4/1989, pp. 34-40; HMCS Saskatchewan — 4 vessels


Wall, Jason B. The Contributions of James F. Cairns, Businessman and Civic Leader of Saskatoon #13/1998 2001-07 5 figs 1902 in Saskatoon; 1906 Cairns retail store; 1908 Kinsmen Park; lobby for University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon; helped to get 3 railroads; 1909 Saskatoon Club
Kovalenko, George The Roxy: Saskatoon’s Last Historic Theatre #13/1998 8-23 14 figs 1930 Roxy; Nate Rotstein 1939; 1960 structural changes and additional theatre added; shows and events
[Sarjeant, William A.S.] Glen Makahonuk: 15 September 1951 – 10 December 1997 #13/1998 23 1 fig Archivist; labour and social history
Buhr, Larry Lost to History: The A.L. Cole Generating Station and Its Industrial Heritage #13/1998 24-36 8 figs + cover Saskatoon Power House 1906 Avenue H & Spadina; A.L. Cole 19111 on Avenue A & 19th Street; takeover SPC in 1929; 1929 new station on north side of SPC completed 1945; 1979 talks to repossess land
Kerr, Donald Draft One: Personal Recollections of a Summer Job at the Saskatoon Brewing Company #13/1998 37-41 5 figs Saskatoon Brewing Company 1909-58; 1907-8; Hoeschen-Wentzler Brewery; Labatts 1959-93; Beer: Red Ribbon and Big Chief Stout
Sarjeant, A. Margaret A Happy Ending: The Struggle to Save the Forestry Farm Superintendent’s Residence #13/1998 42 1 fig 1995 file for demolition; 1987 agreement for 10-year lease for Friends of the Forestry Farm


Delainey, William P. The Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee: The Main Issues and Events that Led to Its Development 1970-1981 #14/1999 1-16 10 figs + cover History of heritage preservation in Saskatoon; 1973 CP Station; 1979 Capitol Theatre; TD Bank; Norfolk Trust Building; 1970 Saskatoon Environmental Society created; 1978 Saskatoon Heritage Advisory Board created; 1975 City Planning Dept; 1975 Heritage Act; Saskatoon Heritage Society 1996
Campbell, Joe Jazz in Saskatoon at Mid-Century: A Reminiscence #14/1999 17-23 5 figs Don Keeler; Gordie King; Joe Campbell Sextet; Gordie Brandt Quintet; touring bands 1940s-50s
Millar, Ruth “All That Jazz” and other Dance Band Music of Bygone Days #14/1999 24-28 10 figs Photo essay: 1910-50; Knights of Rhythm; Zenith Café Orchestra; Neil Harris’s Jazz Band; Perry Tatte, Ken Peaker; Mitt Jackson; Eddie Mather Band; Vigorous College Nine
Buhr, Larry Saskatoon Brickmaking: Boom-era Building Blocks #14/1999 29-38 5 figs; 1 table; 1 map 1906-1914; 1910 improved quality; burnt clay brick; concrete blicks for 1906 Power House; 7 companies making bricks before 1918
Kerr, Donald Broadway Denizen #14/1999 39-46 4 figs Memories of Broadway 1950s-1999


Feldman, Anna The Jewish Community in Saskatoon: A Short History 1907-1998 #15/2001 1-17 8 figs Landas 1908; 1908/1910 first services; 1928 Hebrew classes; anti-semitism; entertainment WWII involvement and recruits; artists; musicians; education; future
Millar, Ruth Jewish Life and People in Saskatoon at Mid-Century: A Pictorial Sampler #15/2001 18-23 11 figs Photo essay; political (Sid Buckwold); entertainment (Barney Kutz and Gordie Brandt); family (Mitchells); education (Leon Katz ); business and community (Landa family)
Eyre, Wayne Remembrance of Saskatoon Past #15/2001 24-30 8 figs + cover Post WWII; returning soldiers, exhibition; entertainment
Sarjeant, William A.S.          
& Mitchell, Trent Sir Henry Rider Haggard in Saskatoon #15/2001 31-40 3 figs 1856-1925; writing nonfiction and novels: fantasy and history; promoting resettlement schemes; 1902 Ottawa; 10th July 1916 Regina; 13th July 1916 Saskatoon at Strand Theatre
Freydenlund, Jean Allwood Reminiscences of Two Shops on Broadway #15/2001 41-46 7 figs Typhoid epidemic 1906-7; 1909 Allwood at 819 Broadway; hardware; 1909 fire and moved to 830 Broadway to 1954; Absalamon Rice shoe store and confectionary 808 Broadway; bought by Avery sisters 1914; ice cream and confectionary; Allwood and Avery married 1917
Duerkop, John The SS Lily: The First Steamer to Visit Saskatoon #15/2001 47-54 3 figs; 1 map Shipped from Yarrow UK to Duluth 1876 in parts; steel hull; problems with shallow rivers, especially S. Saskatchewan; HBC posts; Bow and Red Rivers; Edmonton; Battle River; Carrot River; in Saskatoon once on 21st July 1883; sank 2nd September 1883 near Medicine Hat


Kerr, Donald C. Stanley Duane Hanson (1947-2001), Archivist and Historian #16/2002 2001-03 2 figs Achievements; publications list
Buhr, Larry Grist for the Mill: Flour Production in Saskatoon to 1910 #16/2002 2004-12 7 figs Centralized milling to increase rural population; fist in 1902 Saskatoon Milling Co.; 1906 Saskatoon Milling & Elevator Co. Ltd.; 1911 Avenue N and 19th Street Quaker Oats
Duerkop, John A Historic Intersection: 3rd Avenue and 21st Street #16/2002 13-20 7 figs + cover SW: Flanagan Hotel 1907 (later Senator); SE 1913 F.R. MacMillan Store; 1927 became Avenue Building; NE town hall, police court, fire dept. 1904, 1928 T Eaton opened; NW Flanagan residence, 1928 Birks opened
Millar, Ruth Architectural Influences in the Capitol Theatre, Saskatoon’s Lost Palace of Illusion #16/2002 21-38* 22 figs; 1 map *Missing inserted page between end of p. 22 and beginning of p. 23; May 1929 opened; cinema and other events, cultural, educational, commercial; Spanish, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Moorish influences; ceiling of stars; internal operations
Hirsch, Ethyle Over 90 Years of Service: The IODE in Saskatoon, 1909-2001 #16/2002 39-54 12 figs Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire est. 1901 in Canada; 1909 in Saskatoon; since 1979 IODE; goal: improvement for lives of children/youth; education; bursaries; helped financially for move of the Stone School; Next-of-Kin Memorial Ave.; list of chapters
Sarjeant, A. Margaret Postscript to “Over 90 Years of Service: The IODE in Saskatoon, 1909-2001” #16/2002 54-55 appendix List of chapters


Kerr, Donald C. Letters of W.A.S. Sarjeant #17/2003 2001-06 2 figs 1973-77; heritage concerns; letters to MP Alf Gleave; MLA Paul Mostaway; City Mayor and Aldermen; CPR Station; Capitol Theatre
Edwards, Don K. Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Memories #17/2003 7-16 7 figs + cover Ukrainian church dome; water; outhouses; stores; movies; trains; diseases; winter precautions; schools; hockey; toboggans; radio
Robertson, Duncan Francis A Barr Colony Family #17/2003 17-27 4 figs Isaac Barr; colonization companies 2700 going to Lloydminster; bought land in 1902; slogan “Canada for the British”; 1903 April in Saskatoon
O’Brien, Jeff Saskatoon’s West Industrial Area: An Historical Background #17/2003 28-40 2 figs; 2 maps; 1 plan CPR track SW from 20th Street to 11th Street and Avenue W; Old City Yard and Stables; flour mill; sawmill; lumberyard; brick manufacture; stone crushing; 1919 city sold stables to farm machinery manufacturer; 1929 early zoning consultant; Diamond Autobody; Hi-Way Refinery; Imperial Oil; Quaker Oats


Squazzin, Cynthia Rescued #18/2004 2001-05 3 figs + cover Technical Collegiate; personal memories of Ernst Lindner as an art teacher
Rempel, Richard A. Academics, Athletes and “All Rounders” #18/2004 6-15 11 figs University of Saskatchewan; Rowles; Leddy; Thode; Rempel; Timlin; Spafford; Fowke; Farstad-Dundes; Wright; Neatby; Gratias
Millar, Ruth Wright Uproar on the River #18/2004 16-26 8 figs Steamers: Lily, May Queen, Northcote; ferries; bridges; swimming; floods; river ice breakup; accidents; ski jump
Kovalenko, George The Day Saskatoon Almost Vanished #18/2004 27-28 2 figs Capitol Theatre; what if….
Edwards, Donald K. A Prairie Boy’s Trains #18/2004 29-34 4 figs 1930s-40s; memories; CPR, CN; travelling on a train
O’Brien, Jeff A History of Gordie Howe Park #18/2004 35-46 3 figs; 1 plan 120 hectares; originally TCC land bought by land speculators for residential area; 1925 Sanatorium built; 1930 seizure of land by city; Holiday Park: 1960 football; 1961 campground; 1962 golf; 1963 baseball; 1966 renamed Gordon Howe Park


Wagner, Bonnie “Squawk, and Squawk Loudly”: Saskatoon’s Battle for Television Service #19/2005 2001-06 3 figs CFQC-TV 1954; CKOM or CTV 1966; CBC application rejected in 1967, but finally accepted in 1971
Millar, Ruth Wright Rollicking Riversdale: Dennis Fisher Remembers the Fifties #19/2005 2007-12 5 figs Worked for CFQC radio; Wall ‘n Den show; river; T. Eaton store; celebrations; crime; ethnic diversity
Kovalenko, George The Third Empire Theatre Press Book #19/2005 13-14 1 fig 1916-28 three press books; reviews of shows; programs; tickets; none after sound movies; now with WDM
Brown, Cheryl The Bells of Saskatoon: The Legacy of William James Bell #19/2005 15-21 7 figs 1903 implement dealer; emigrated from S. Africa to Manitoba 1883; cricket; Public School Board; 1906 city Council; High School Board 1907-18; helped with U of S location; 1928 left Saskatoon
Kerr, Don Reg Plumb and the Capitol Theatre #19/2005 22-24 1 fig + cover 1923 in Saskatoon; worked as usher at Daylight Theatre; became Famous Players employee; 1940 manager and after supervisor; 49 years in theatres
Keeling, Arn “Saskatoon’s Sewer: Pollution and the South Saskatchewan River” #19/2005 25-30 3 figs Outhouses and wells; cause of typhoid and other epidemics; raw sewage into river; 1906 began network of pipes for water and sewage; 1908 height of typhoid; 1942 sewage treatment plant; renovations 1943, 1971, 1996
Kusch, Frank First family — First land #19/2005 31-35 1 fig 1883 first family to come; Temperance Colony Company TCC; nothing in Saskatoon – son returned to Moose Jaw for supplies; Karl died 1915; some land bequested to Roman Catholic Church; land disputes and complications.
Kerr, Don Doors Open, Saskatoon, May 29, 2005 #19/2005 36-38 3 figs Places to visit: Senator Hotel; Grace Westminster Church; Little Chief Police Station; St. Mary’s Church; Saskatoon Club; Avenue Building; Bessborough


Kerr, Don &          
Tennent, Colin The College Building #20/2006 2001-07 10 figs + cover 1911 building with concrete construction; interior; 1980/1982 National and Provincial Heritage designations; Collegiate Gothic architectural style; Brown & Vallance, Montreal architects; closed due to failed concrete 1994/1997; repaired and reopened 2005
O’Brien, Jeff Saskatoon, the Great Depression, and the Civic Relief Board #20/2006 8-16 5 figs Population 43,000 1931; worst in Canada; 1932 1200 families need relief; 1600 in 1933; public works: 19th Street subway; Broadway Bridge; Arena; weir; Civic Relief Board 1932-34 kept back funds; refused immigrants (deported); took land as security; demanded repayment; no singles relief; demonstrations against Relief Board
Kerr, Don Saskatoon Housing 1940s #20/2006 17-22 6 figs After war not enough housing or places to rent; houses built was Wartime Housing Ltd 800 houses 1944-47; problems in low-cost housing
Rempel, Richard A. Saskatoon in the 1950s #20/2006 23-37 12 figs 75% growth increase in 50s; potash; cobalt bomb at University; women: Fedoruk; Lawson; secretary Inskip; Frances Morrison
Hawke, Gerry Saskatoon and I Grow in the Sixties #20/2006 38-41 7 figs Memories: King George School; railways; Pion-Era; Capitol; King Edward Hotel fire
Millar, Ruth Wright Polyester and Kitsch, or Golden Era? A Social History of the Seventies #20/2006 42-47 5 figs 1972 Women’s Centre at USSU; women’s lib; environmental matters; heritage concerns; ethnic diversity; politicians; sports; arts & entertainment; city expansion
Kuchta, Joe Project 787: “Rehabilitation’ of The Traffic Bridge #20/2006 48-54 6 figs; 1 table Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee MHAC; history of requests for bridge upkeep and assessment; only partial work in 1979; 2005 report of engineers that bridge cannot be saved
Kovalenko, George The Roxy’s Rebirth! #20/2006 55-57 3 figs Details of changes made to the Roxy over the years
Campbell, Joe Bob Klassen: A Personal Tribute #20/2006 58-63 7 figs Family history; played many instruments in Saskatoon Symphony and various bands; Bridge City Dixieland Band


Hayden, Michael History of the University of Saskatchewan History Department #21/2007 2003-10 9 figs 1911 faculty scattered across campus; 1960 first secretary and admin. assistant; G. Simpson; C. Lightbody; Jean Murray; Hilda Neatby; Chair in Native Newcomer History; merging with Classics Department
Avery, Cheryl Oasis for Learning: Landscaping the University of Saskatchewan #21/2007 11-24 14 figs + cover 1912-14 Thomas Mawson; 1921-48 Cecil Patterson; the “Bowl”; thematic groups of trees and shrubs
Rempel, Richard The Culture of the Biology Department at the University of Saskatchewan: C. 1913-1963 #21/2007 25-43 15 figs 1913 W.P. Thompson genetics; W.P. Fraser and M. Newton wheat plant research; L.G. Saunders entomology; T.C. Vanterpool root rot; D.S. Rawson limnology; Depression; T.J. Arnason genetics; J. Rempel entomology; M. Shaw plant physiology; T. Steeves plant morphology
Spafford, Duff University of Saskatchewan Pottery #21/2007 44-49 16 figs Ceramic engineering est. 1922; lasted 30 years
Wilson, A. Diane Century Houses of Nutana #21/2007 50-64 22 figs Trounce House 512 10th Street E; Marr Residence 326 11th Street E; (pre 1903) 414 11th Street E; (1903-4) 502 11th Street E; (ca. 1904) 718 Melrose Avenue; (1903-6) 221 10th Street E; (1903-6) 330 10th Street E; (1903-6) 408 (402) 10th Street E; (1903-6) 619 Street E; (1906-7) 418 9th Street E; (1906-7) 422 9th Street E; (1906-7) 510 10th Street; (1906-7) 525 10th Street E; (1906-7) 625 University Drive; (1906-7) 1022 Victoria Avenue; (1906-7) 606 Landsdowne Avenue


Brenna, Dwayne Fifty-Six Years at Stratford and Still Going Strong: An Interview with Robert Hinitt #22/2008 2002-08 4 figs Taught French and English at City Park 1950-59; Aden Bowman 1959 till retirement; love of theatre; visited Stratford, Ontario every year; started Castle Theatre in Aden Bowmann
Park, Jeff Skip Kutz: A Community of Music #22/2008 9-13 5 figs Honoured 1995 at Jazz Festival; father Barney Kutz also a bass player; loves to play all types of music: classical, jazz, country, but jazz is first love; feel of music/community/sharing
Clarke, John Livingstone Anne Szumigalski’s House, as Sacred Space #22/2008 14-16 2 figs House at 9 Connaught Place; poet
Millar, Ruth “The Silver Screen in Saskatoon: A Pictorial History of Early Cinema Houses” #22/2008 17-25 16 figs 1903 Cairns Hall; 1907 Kevin (later Starland) Theatre; 1907 Bijou Theatre; 1911 Daylight Theatre; 1912 Victoria (became 1930 Tivoli) Theatre; 1912 Strand Theatre; 1915 Empire Theatre (showed Birth of a Nation: first film with music reel); 1929 talkies at new Capitol Theatre; 1946 Broadway Theatre
Halmo, Joan Lyell Gustin: His Life and Musical Legacy #22/2008 26-33 7 figs + cover Early life; Lyell Gustin Piano Studio 1920-88; 1924 Musical Art Club; music teacher; Lyell Gustin House now used for arts events; established by Lloyd Rodwell
Kerr, Don Nik Semenoff, Artists and Inventor #22/2008 34-39 8 figs Modern Press; CFQC ads; painting; stone lithography
Sarjeant, Peggy A Delicate Operation: The Story of Moving the Trounce House, Saskatoon’s Oldest Building to Safety #22/2008 40-42 4 figs 1883; at back of Gustin House; 2006 design to move house forward a few feet and place on a new concrete base; 2007 spring move away from alley
Waygood, Kate Heritage: Untold Stories of the Heritage Movement in Saskatoon #22/2008 43-48 6 figs 1977 move to Saskatoon; NIP Neighbourhood Improvement Program; RRAP Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program; latter program to assist renovation of old homes; studied urban planning at university; formation of Nutana Residents Association; review of land use and zoning; successful candidate for Ward 10 councillor; formation of MHAC; public notification before rezoning; Albert Community Centre


Rempel, Dick Lou and Ruth Horlick: Good Citizens of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan #23/2010 2002-10 5 figs Early years Ruth’s travels and education as a nurse, esp. in psychiatry; Lou’s background and education as a cardiologist; 1951 marriage; move to Saskatoon 1954; Couples Club; Ruth volunteer work in Psychiatry; Lou continued research and clinical studies while teaching in Medicine
Rashley, Marguerite Allan Bowerman and His Hunting Lodge #23/2010 2011-12 4 figs + cover Built 1907 and lived spring/summer until 1923; widow sold the house to the Crown 1924; Sanatorium built 1925; Dr. Boughton (superintendent) moved to Bowerman House from 1925-59.
Patrick-Roberts, Marnie A Walk down Memory Lane: An Indulgence #23/2010 13-16 5 figs Patrick House 917 Temperance Street; Spencer House 913 Temperance Street; Campbell House 903 Temperance Street; Rempel House 831 Temperance Street; second Patrick House 801 University Drive; Adaskin House 847 University Drive; Bonney House 916 University Drive; MacDonald House 915 University Drive
Sarjeant, Peggy Memories of Joe Zeman (1914-2000), a Dedicated Heritage Advocate #23/2010 17-18 1 fig Supporter of Saskatoon heritage; work in amateur sport as a coach and volunteer; agricultural economist for Canadian Department of Agriculture; member of the Board of the Heritage Society for 23 years; interests: Normal School and dairy barn at University of Saskatchewan
Kerr, Don Nutana Memorial Art Collection #23/2010 19-25 6 figs 1920 to honour lives of students lost in WWI; request to artists for works; Marion Long “Pauline”; Emile Walters “Winter”; Sybil Jacobson “Reverie”; James H. Henderson “Victoria, B.C.”; James H. Henderson “Chief Pemimotat”; A.Y. Jackson; John William Beatty “Madawaska Valley”


Van Pul, Paul A Brief History of Hydroelectricity in Saskatoon #24/2011 2002-07 1 fig; 3 maps Steam and coal used in power plants; coal famine of 1906; damming of South Saskatchewan an issue; Charles Mitchell to design 1906; question of Mitchell’s choice of location; did not design a lock for boat traffic; private or public enterprise; financial problems 1911; Fraser Brace and the Fort à la Corne site
Millar, Ruth World War One Flying Ace, Clifford McKay McEwan #24/2011 8-14 5 figs Ace = five hits against the enemy; born 1896 in Griswold, Manitoba; The Great War; joined army in 1916; orders to fight in Europe changed 1917 and told his application for Royal Flying Corps now accepted; 5 hrs flying experience before going to France; first military planes; 1918 in Italy; Battles of Piave and Vittorio Veneto; between the wars remained in RAF; WWII lead advanced training school at Trenton; England 1944-45 lead Bomber group
Scharf, Alan Collecting History with Your Camera #24/2011 15-20 8 figs + cover What to shoot; make your picture sing; what to do with the photographs
Thompson, Margaret W. A Memoir of Mrs. W.P. Thompson #24/2011 21-27 4 figs Wife of university president W.P. Thompson; born 1889 in Ontario; met husband in 1912; taught biology in Ontario; 1914 married and moved to Saskatoon; 1919 crisis in Biology department; 1916 Local Council of Women; 1919 Saskatoon University Women’s Club; relationship with faculty; friends; years in President’s house; family
Lomheim, Shirley Gates of Glory #24/2011 28-31 3 figs 1928-55 main gates leading to University Hospital; gates to be moved; opposition; 1988 decision to leave gates as memorial to WWI
Tennant (sic), Colin &          
Wallace, Andrew Sustainable Planning at the University of Saskatchewan #24/2011 32-40 7 figs; 1 map; 2 plans Growth of the university; 1909 master plan; what to teach? 1300 acres of land purchased; scale of plan and scope; plan of buildings to consider availability of electricity and ventilation; 1957 Campus plan; 1961 model plan; transportation issues


Sarjeant, Peggy The Saskatoon History Review: A Retrospective in Celebration of the Magazine’s 25th Anniversary #25/2012 2002-06 3 figs Editors: Julie Harris; Brock Silversides; William “Bill” Sarjeant (13 issues); Don Kerr; various thematic issues mentioned; contributors; name change in 1989 from Saskatoon History to Saskatoon History Review
Van Pul, Paul Seven Decades Underwater: A Look Back at the Weir #25/2012 7-23 7 plans 1937 idea to build weir to allow planes to land and take off; original plan south of CN (Grand Trunk) bridge; PFRA; closing a dam; construction details; money obtained for relief work; 1939 sanctioned agreement between City and Federal government; finished weir; accidents due to water changes with thinner ice in winter and lack of protective booms in summer; future of the weir? Air harbour concept discussion.
Millar, Ruth Pictures from the Pages of Saskatoon History Review #25/2012 21-38 29 figs + cover Photo essay: selection of published photos in last 25 issues
Fortier, J. Michael Heritage Heroes: Ken Achs #25/2012 39 1 fig CPR station renovation; 1923 Hutchinson Building on 2nd Avenue; Union-Laurentian Bank Building (built 1909) on 21st Street & 2nd Avenue; adaptive reuse of King George Hotel (built 1911); Modern Press Building
Sarjeant, Peggy Heritage Heroes: Donald Irvine and the Trounce House #25/2012 40 1 fig Discovered the Trounce House; his work helped in heritage designation and eventual preservation
Tennent, Colin Heritage Heroes: Peter MacKinnon #25/2012 41 1 fig Former president of University of Saskatchewan; appreciated the heritage and style of the College Building; responsible for rehabilitation of the structure
Halmo, Joan Heritage Heroes: Lloyd Rodwell and the Lyell Gustin Legacy #25/2012 42 1 fig Rodwell studied piano with Lyell Gustin and even taught piano in later years; 1988 purchase after death of Gustin; archived all Gustin’s papers with Provincial Archives; set up trust in his will for care of Gustin house and the Trounce House; restoration of Gustin House completed 2007
Sarjeant, Peggy Heritage Heroes: Bernie Cruikshank and the Superintent’s Residence at the Forestry Farm #25/2012 43 1 fig Superintendent of the Nursery Station; 174 million trees to prairie farmers; 1994 City decides to demolish building and repeal heritage status; 1996 Friends of the Forestry Farm House; lease agreement with City signed 1998; house restored by volunteers 1998-2003; Bernie Cruikshank gave life to FFFH and saved the building
Sarjeant, Peggy A Hundred Years of Heritage Preservation 1911-2011 #25/2012 44-59 22 figs WDM; Grant House 712 Dufferin; Local History Room; 1976 Saskatoon Heritage Society; Standard Trust Building demolition 1976; Capitol Theatre demolition 1979 and protest 1982; Crowe Block 1979; Ross Building; Sanatorium; Trounce House; Broadway Walking Tours; CPR Station; Forestry Farm House; Municipal Justice Building 1996 demolition; Gathercole Centre demolition; St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School; Royal Canadian Legion;
Park, Don &          
Rempel, Dick Two Prairie Boys’ Boyhood: Saskatoon Post War 1946-1950 #25/2012 60-70 7 figs Economic conditions of Saskatoon; public transport; grocery shopping without a vehicle; impact of WWII; hockey obsession; adventure and sanctuary on the riverbank; paper route memories; radio; reading; music and movies; what happened to us


Geary, David Mendel Art Gallery and Civic Conservatory #26/2014 2002-08 5 figs; 1 plan Built 1964, closed as art gallery 2016; beginnings of the Mendel and Mr. Mendel and his art collection; 2004 plans for renovation and expansion; plan aborted in 2009 for the Remai Modern Art Gallery
Bury, John Roger Walls Architect and Adventurer: A Memoir #26/2014 9-13 8 figs 1970 Saskatoon Community Clinic; Sturdy Stone Centre; Education Building; retired to sail around the world; personal life
Kerr, Donn An Interview with Ken Achs #26/2014 14-16 5 figs Personal reminiscences; King George Hotel Hutchinson Block; Luxe Condominium Broadway & 11th Street
Delainey, Bill Trek to Saskatoon #26/2014 17-22 2 figs; 1 map April 1883 two Caswell brothers, Robert and Joseph trek to Saskatoon from Moose Jaw with the Temperance Colonists; problems crossing rivers and ravines; late spring blizzard; mud; leader George Grant; finding trails; Beaver Cree; White Cap Indian Reserve; arrival in Saskatoon
Thomas, Stan The Caswell “Boys” Hit 80! Saskatoon in the 1940’s — a Reflection of Boyhood Life #26/2014 23-29 8 figs + cover Former students of Caswell Hill School; memories; war; cinema; winter; girls; spring, summer; radio; jobs; the river; manual training; athletes; what happened and where are they now?
Campbell, Joe Friendly Facing #26/2014 30-31 1 fig Demolition of the Legion Hall in downtown Saskatoon; memories of dances and jazz; “Although I go to funerals, I draw the line at executions”
Kerr, Don Book Review: David Kaplan (2012), The Well-Tempered Klezmerer #26/2014 32-33 1 fig Arrived in Saskatoon to teach Music Education at the University; he started many music bands; worked with Joseph Naytowhow; wrote and played music for Remembrance day and the Holocaust Memorial Service
McPherson, Robert Book Review: Bernard Flaman (2013), Architecture of Saskatchewan: A Visual Journey 1930-2011 #26/2014 33-37 7 figs Sketches, drawing, schematics and blue-prints as well as photos of buildings; Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church 1961; Lutheran Theological Seminary 1968; Sturdy Stone Centre 1977; Wanuskewin Heritage Park Interpretive Centre 1992; Saskatchewan Crescent home 1999


Van Pul, Paul The Beginnings of the Saskatoon Air Harbour 1927-1929 #27/2015 2-14 5 figs; 2 maps; 2 plans 1911 first plane in Saskatoon; McClelland & Lobb Aerodrome 1919; Keng Wah School 1919; First Saskatchewan Aviation Company; Air Harbour location controversy; 1928 Saskatoon Municipal Aerodrome; fuelling station; Trans Canada Airway; night flying and air mail service; Aero Club
[Kerr, Don] In Memoriam 2014-2015 #27/2015 14   Muriel Bremner: May 1923-August 2014; Florence Charmbury 1923-November 2014; Arlean McPherson May 1927-July 2015
Wilson, Dianne Arlington Ingalls Farnam and the Farnam Block #27/2015 15-22 5 figs; 5 plans; 1 table + cover 1908 Farnam in Saskatoon; owner of general store on Broadway; built 1912; blue-print plans from City Archives; interior; list of occupants in 1913; two addresses: 531 – 11th Street or 650 Broadway Avenue; 1923 left Saskatoon
Geary, Dave The Farnam Block and the Merry Mansion — A Lively Cultural History #27/2015 23-34 10 figs; 5 colour figs (insert); 2 colour figs inside back cover Farnam Block housed many businesses and people since 1912; Hippie Days; posters, incense etc.; coffee house (The Crypt); art galleries; book stores; clothing stores; Lydia’s (poetry; Friday’s after Five; ghosts); Satellite house at rear known locally as Merry Mansion; Humphrey and the Dumptrucks; The Stuff Store; Turning the Tide (bookstore); paintings of the block by Richard Popoff and Vince Broda – see inside back cover
Wood, Judy The Destruction of a Broadway Icon: The Fall of the Farnam Block #27/2015 [29A-B] 5 colour figs Photo essay; pictures depicting the demolition of the Farnam Block
Millar, Ruth Wright Diana Wright: from London Society Pages to Prairie Activist #27/2015 35-43 5 figs 1936 skier on Olympic team in Germany; born in Toronto 1908; married in England 1932; son George came to Canada; divorced 1940; Children’s Aid Society during war; met and married Jim Wright 1944 (a journalist, writer, and activist); moved to Landis area; moved to Saskatoon 1950 in Grasswood area; Diana started to write in 1960s; Governor-General Vanier; Jim’s suicide 1974; Saskatoon Environment Society; died 1982
Kerr, Don Ed Abramson: World of Talk #27/2015 44-45 1 fig University of Saskatchewan Film Society; choosing movies; memories
Rempel, Richard A. Walter Surma Tarnopolsky: 1932-1993 #27/2015 46-51 1 fig Ukrainian Canadian raised in Gronlid, Saskatchewan; became law professor; inspired by Prof. Charles Lightbody (modern European history); President SRC 1956; moved to New York for Masters in History; 1954 returned to U of S to study Law; retained interest in international affairs and was a member of WUSC; NFCUS and the University; an author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982; died 1993
Kerr Don Book Review: Sara Williams (2014): Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo: A Photographic History #27/2015 51-52 2 figs Details of the nursery at the Forestry Farm: Manitoba Maple; native Green Ash; native elm; Caragana; poplar; willow; superintendents James McLean (1914-42) and Les Kerr (1942-66)


Geary, Dave Eli Bornnstein, The Tree of Knowledge, and the Beginning of Public Abstract Sculpture in Saskatoon #28/2016 2002-10 13 figs + cover; 2 figs colour inside back cover Modern art in 50s; 1958 Tree of Knowledge; Eli Bornstein and his life; history of the 1956 commission; development of the sculpture through models; public response; artist’s response; post-controversy and use of the image by Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation; two paintings by Eli Bornstein on inside back cover
Kerr, Don Campus Radio #28/2016 11-21 4 figs 1965 radio went on the air; Saskatoon Society for Public Broadcasting; 1974 conflict regarding management control; 1977, 1981, 1982, 1984 reports; 1985 station closed; audience; programs (success of Goon Show from Britain); ads; interviews with Wayne Eyre, Dwayne Brenna; Michael Pollock; Ken Gordon, and Larry Gelmon
Van Pul, Paul The Saskatoon Municipal Airport 1936-1940 #28/2016 22-33 1 fig; 4 plans; 1 map Change in federal government and new promotion of airports; expanded facilities in Saskatoon; regulations to be met; various airport plans; 1938 finalized plans, but improvements to be made for night flying; mail service 1938; passenger flights no toilets; snow clearing in winter; sewer and water line extensions 1940; changing management companies before the war.
Jaremko, Ron; Curator In Case of Fire: A Selection of Photographs from the Saskatoon Public Library Local History Gallery Show of 2012 #28/2016 34-40 14 figs Photo essay; 1904 fire hall 3rd Avenue & 21st Street; 1908 Fire Hall #1 23rd Street & 4th Avenue; 1911 horse-drawn wagons; fire hall on east side near Broadway on 11th Street, 1912; National Trust fire 1915; firemen helping with harvest WWII 1944; 1951 Winnipeg Pain and Glass Company and Canada Egg products fire; 1952 Grummett and Sons fire; 1958 Mayfair Church fire.


Van Pul, Paul Saskatoon Airport 1941-1953: A Matter of Runways #29/2019 2002-08 10 figs, including 3 plans Development of the Saskatoon Airport; importance of size and runway designation and placement; buildings built during WWII for servicemen; civilian and civic changes to the design of the airport after the war; details of runway structure and construction.
Kerr, Donn Frank Peters, Working Man        
From a personal interview conducted in 2018 #29/2019 2009-10 2 figs Construction companies and construction buildings worked on by Frank Peters from 1951 to 1991; Ellis Hall; Lawson Heights Mall; Wright Construction; General Construction Workers Union Local 890.  
Morton, Alan Public Transit for the Masses: Saskatoon’s Municipal Street Railway #29/2019 11-16 7 figs + cover History of the streetcar in Saskatoon and elsewhere; 4 early routes; role of Long Hill and Traffic Bridge; Avenue C Municipal Railway Depot; extension to Sutherland; winter hazards with iced rails; 1922 accident on Long Hill; robbery in 1931; trolleys and buses replace streetcars; last journey 1951.
Park, Don &          
Rempel, Dick Memories of City Park Collegiate #29/2019 17-21 5 figs City Park Collegiate, built 1929; memories of high school 1948-1952; what happened after school and weekends, dances; school subjects and teachers especially Robert Arn and Bob Hinnitt; what happened after graduation and university
[Saskatoon Heritage Society] In Memoriam #29/2019 22-23 5 figs Gary Blain Hooge (1940-2017); Jeanne Isabel Walters (1922-2018); William Paul Currelly Hamilton (1938-2018); Chesley Speer Anderson (1928-2018); Cleoniky “Cleo” Girgulis (Barootes) (1921-2018).
Millar, Ruth Wright Passport to the Future: Saskatoon Schools #29/2019 24-40 25 figs, including figs 9, 24, 25 in colour on inside back cover Photo essay: Castle schools; Aden Bowman Collegiate (Bob Hinnitt); Buena Vista School (1914); City Park Collegiate (“Reach for the Top 1971); King George School (Gordie Howe); Nutana Collegiate (1918 domestic science class); R.J.D. Williams School for the Deaf (woodworking and regular class); Saskatoon Technical Collegiate (1945 play “The Patsy” and WWII role; Ernst Lindner; Sharon Butala); St. Joseph’s School (1980 Native Survival School); St. Paul’s High School (began 1911 in St. Paul’s Church basement); Sutherland School (role of the railway and “cinder” roads and sidewalks); Victoria School (3 schools from late 1880s to 1910; additions 1928/29 and 1966; attic classroom 1913); Walter Murray Collegiate (1961); Wilson School (1914; renovations and repurposing by Affinity Credit Union 2011-2014).

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